Will a defective oil pump on a 2000 dodge grand caravan cause the oil light to come on when the oil level is fine i have 148000 miles and the 3.3 flex fuel engine can anyone help?

Yes, the oil light sending unit comes on when the OIL PRESSURE is too low.It does not come on due to low oil on the dipstick. However,if the oil level becomes too low,it will not have enough oil in the pan to maintain oil pressure,at which time the light will come on.If the oil pump fails,the pressure will fall below the required level needed to stop the engine from being damaged and the oil light will light up.If the oil light comes on you need to IMMEDIATELY stop the vehicle and turn the engine off. Have it towed to a shop for repairs.I always recommend using Slick 50,or similar 1 time treatment, in all my vehicles,as this will give it more protection in case of loss of pressure,and greatly increases engine life.