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yes as long as you can find the right driver files for that modem try

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โˆ™ 2005-10-07 04:43:58
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Q: Will a dial-up modem from a Windows 98 PC work in a Windows 95 PC?
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Do windows 95 work with windows 98?

sure do!

Can Google Chrome work for windows 95?

No, Google Chrome can only work for Windows XP, Vista and 7

How do you play a Windows 95 computer game on Windows 7?

You can't. What you can do is to install windows 95 on virtual machine, and try playing. Most likely it will not work either.

What is different windows 95?

Their is Windows 95 Plus! Windows 95. Windows 95 Microsoft Internet Explorer as the 3 main versions of it.

Will computer games for windows 3.1 Windows 2000 or Windows 95 work in windows 98?

Most games written for Windows 3.1 or Windows 95 will run on Windows 98. Games that were only written with Windows 2000 or later in mind will usually not run on Windows 98.

Will pacman adventures for windows 98 or 95 work on windows 7?

only in compatability mode

Is the Saitek X52 Flight Control Joystick compatible with windows 98?

Yes, the Saitek X52 Flight Control Joystick will work with Windows 98 and Windows 95 (Windows 95 will require installation of USB device drivers).

Difference between windows 95 and windows 98?

difference between Windows 98 and Windows 95

Will Windows 95 run on a 16-bit system?

No. Windows 95 requires a 32-bit processor (a 386 or higher). 286 and under processors won't work.

What version of MS-DOS shipped with Windows 95?

7.0 was with Windows 95, and Windows 95A 7.1 is Windows 95B

Which upgrade path do you need to follow when performing an upgrade from Windows 95 to Windows XP?

Windows 95 to Windows 98, and then to Windows XP

Can you run Windows 95 and Windows Vista on the same machine?

While I see no particular reason why you couldn't, the vast difference in hardware requirements and supported devices make finding a system that would both run Windows 95 to a useful extent and provide acceptable performance for Windows Vista extremely difficult. For instance, Windows 95 has sever problems with larger amounts of RAM, and probably won't boot with more than 490 MB installed (you can work around it after Windows 95 is installed.) Few graphics cards support both Windows 95 and Windows Vista (the GeForce 6 series is the only exception I can think of). USB support is only found in certain versions of Windows 95, and none at all for USB 2.0. Windows 95 doesn't support SATA controllers. Most wireless cards won't work. And so on, and so on...Bottom line: if you absolutely must run Windows 95, do it in a virtual machine.

Will Windows 95 software run in Windows XP?

By and large, yes. Some programs do not work correctly, such as DOOM 95, for instance, Other may require you to run them in a compatibility mode.

What is Windows 95?

Windows 95 is an operating system from 1995, published by Microsoft

What is the codename of Windows 95?

Windows 95 was developed under the codename "Chicago."

Is Windows 95 a operating system?

Yes, Windows 95 is an operating system.

How can you get Windows 7 to run on PS3?

No windows will work on PS3. The Windows 7 is an operating system developed by Microsoft and the PS3 does not run Windows in any form of the operating system from Windows 95 to Windows 8

What golf game was standard on windows 95?

No golf game was "standard" on Windows 95. Microsoft Golf was released in 1995, but it was not included as part of Windows 95.

Will a Windows 95 game work on Windows Vista?

probably no, because window 95 games doesn't know window vista....but if the game is recently updated, then yes. depends what game are you playing

Will One-Write Plus Version 7.0 Windows 95 work with Windows 7?

Yes, if you use Application Compatibility Toolkit

Will windows 95 still work with the internet?

Yes, just with IE 5 or lower

What year was Windows 95 released?

Windows 95 was released in 1995, August 24th.

Who invented Microsoft Windows 95?

Microsoft and Bill Gates invented Windows 95

When was Windows 95 invented?

Windows 95 was released in August of 1995. It was a giant innovation compared to the previous Windows OS, Windows 3.1 and 3.11.

Is Windows Update available on Windows 95?

The Windows Update service is/was available to Windows 95, but there was no specific utility for it; you would have to manually go to the website.