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No, you have to be specifically tested for the presence of THC. However, if you think you're pregnant, STOP putting anything in your body you wouldn't feed directly to a child.

    • A simple blood test no. There are HUNDREDS of substances to check for, and unless there is a reason, a Dr. can't test for everything. A couple notes: If you are involved with any Child Protection Agency because of substance abuse, they will check. If you have a car accident, are the driver, and you are rolled into the E.R., the first thing they do is a drug screen: opiates, cannibas (pot), cocaine, alcohol, all the benzodiazapines (Valium, xanax etc..)

But for a normal average person going for a pregnancy test, that's all they check for.

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 17:36:56
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Q: Will a doctor become aware of marijuana in the blood simply by doing a pregnancy blood or urine test?
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Will a doctor become aware of cocaine in the blood simply by doing a blood test for pregnancy?

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If you havent had a period for 1 year how would you know if you were pregnant?

You should definitely see a doctor or simply take a pregnancy test b cuz depending on ur age it could be menopause or u r just simply prego. See your doc. immediately!

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If your pregnant and someone just finished smoking weed and kisses you can it affect the baby?

Simply put no. The THC in marijuana can only be absorbed into the body through inhalation or ingestion. Simply kissing a person who just smoked marijuana will not harm you or the unborn baby.

If you are three days late on your period but a blood pregnancy test was negative could it be too early?

A bloody pregnancy test? If you don't have your period then is there blood in your urine? If there is you could have a bladdar infection or worse and you need to contact a doctor. Besides that, it is possible to be 3 days "late" and be pregnant because you could have simply miscalculated the date of your next period or the HCG (pregnancy hormone) could not be high enough to register on a pregnancy test yet.

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Can you be pregnant if your period is late 6 days now you have lower abdomen pain and blood when wiping and light bleeding pregnancy test negative metalic taste in mouth and feel pregnant please answe?

Hello. The light bleeding your experiencing may simply be a unusually light period for you. But yes, you definitely could be pregnant. Wait a week and do another pregnancy test. Or see your doctor for a blood test now. Hello - You could be pregnant, yes. The light bleeding may be simply a light period for you but it could also be pregnancy bleeding. See your doctor for a blood test as this is more accurate. Good luck.

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Can you get fired from your job if you test dirty even though you have a medical marijuana recomandation?

The only way you cannot get fired is if you have a medical marijuana prescription...and you have to prove that you did the right thing to fill it...You simply cannot just have a recommendation that is not a legal reason to have marijuana lol...

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If you had one period what happens if the next one is late are doesn't come?

Don't panic. Try a pregnancy test. Other than that, it could simply be stress, however if you know you're not pregnant and the symptoms continue, see a doctor.