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It depends on the type and severity of the seizure.

If the seizure state is one of status epilepticus (continuous, unended clonic-tonic seizures) that interferes with cardiopulmonary activity, then it is possible to die from that kind of seizure.

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Can a dog die after a seizure?

Yes dogs can die form seizures, my dog recently died from grand mal seizures. :(

Can a dog die from having seizures?

No! my dog has them and said they can not die from them its just an inconvenience and if they are only a few times a month then no need for medication because it has negative long term effects on the dog

Your dog is drooling and shaking?

Your dog may be having seizures. Call your vet to make sure.

What home remedie is there for dogs when they have a seizure?

What is the diagnosis of why your dog is having seizures?

What to do if your dog is having a seizure?

If your dog is having a seizure, first calm down, it is very rare for a dog to die. When your dog is having a seizure make sure he/she is somewhere safe.(No Corners or sharp things) After when the siezer is done pet your dog to make he/she calm. Seizures happen often for dogs, it's just a stress overload. If your dog is having more than 3 seizures a month you probably need to go to the vet. The vet will give your dog a anti-nerve pill which should stop it from happening so often. Hope this was helpful:)

Your dog falls over and doesn't get up does that mean he's having seizures?

It could be the dog is tired. Is the dog old? You might want to get it checked at a vet.

How can you tell if a dog is having seizures or if he's just dreaming?

Try to wake the dog up. If the dog wakes up, it was just dreaming. If the dog doesn't wake up it is probably a seizure.

Can you break open a capsule of zonisamide and give to dog in something?

Has this drug been prescribed for your dog by a veterinarian? If so, how did he tell you to use it? I would call the vet and ask for instructions on how to give it to your pet. If it was NOT prescribed by a vet, and is for human use for seizures, then DO NOT give it to your dog. Take your dog to a vet if it is having seizures.

Can allergies cause seizures in dogs?

Yes a dog can have seizures from allergies

Dog seizures and alcohol?

Alcohol is not a known cause of dog seizures, but I wouldn't be surprised if it could trigger them. Dog seizures can be caused by certain food and toxins, and alcohol may be toxic to some dogs.

What does it mean when a dog has multiple seizures?

These is called "Cluster seizures." They are very dangerous to the dog and should be reported to your veterinarian immediately.

Is it normal for a cocker spaniel with poodle mix dog to get seizures?

I have a cocker spaniel with poodle mix dog, is it normal for them to get seizures?

How do you know if your dog is having seizures She was on her side in the bed then leaned her head back and started shaking her head she did it 3 times in a row.?

Did she respond to you when you talked to her, is your dog an older dog? Is your dog a diabetic? You usually can tell if sometihng is wrong with your pet. I'd go to the vet now. There are drugs for seizures but only the vet can help with that.

Do dog seizures harm your dog?

With dog seizures, there's usually an underlying neurological problem in the brain. If these are not addressed with your veterinarian, the seizures can get worse and cause other problems like blindness, walking difficulties, and can lead to death.

Can a cat have petit seizures?

My dog had seizures before she passed. In animals it can be common. But if these seizures Increase, I would recommend a vet

What happens when a dog is having a seizure?

There are many different types of seizures, so one seizure can look completely different from another. But they range from petit mal seizures in which the dog may appear to just look blankly off into space for some time, to grand mal seizures where the dog goes rigid, collapses, convulses violently, froths at the mouth and completely loses conciousness.

Should you put a dog down after a seizure?

No, but your dog should get treatment for seizures and should be de-sexed to avoid future breeding. No dog that has had seizures should be bred.

Why does your golden retrievers eyes roll back and their are no other symptoms?

Please check with your vet, but the dog might be having petit mal seizures.

How can you tell when a dog is having seizures or if it is just dreaming... sleep walking running barking ect...?

Try to wake the dog up. If the dog wakes up, it was just dreaming. If the dog doesn't wake up it is probably a seizure.

Does Abilify cause seizures?

I was on Abilify and a while after that started having ideopathic seizures, that's just me.

Do victims of hypoglycemic seizures feel pain from the seizures?

When you are actually having a seizure, you don't even know you are having one and you don't feel anything.

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