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yes and no it will grow but not very fast as dog food helps it


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There are certain processed dog foods which you can feed a dog. These dog foods contain the nutrients that a dog needs to be able to grow healthy. Aside from processed dog food, you can let a dog eat raw food or homemade dog food.

Nutro dog food is really good for an akita because it keeps them healthy and helps them grow. Thanks ERIC

What you do is feeding the dog good food, give it plenty of excersice and the rest comes from the genetic of the dog.

Most people would say pedigree is the best dry dog food for a puppy. It has the best nutrients for your puppy to help it grow and to help its immune system out.

The best kind of dog food for a lab puppy is one made from natural ingredients. Find a kibble with meat as the first ingredient. Lab puppies can benefit from a puppy food to help them grow.

you have to feed your dog alot in order for it to grow

Can dog food servings are littler than dry dog food. Can dog food is condensed more and has less in a can

If your old dog has lost it's teeth, you should see maybe if the teeth will grow back. During that time you can feed your dog some mashed food. Like a baby, they are incapable of eating crunchy or hard food. That's why you feed them mashed up food. It will ease their gums which will prevent bleeding if you feed your dog hard food.

frozen dog food, raw dog food, and homemade dog food

A male German shepherd will usually grow to be a large adult dog.

Puppy food has different nutrients than Adult food and is geared for the growth and maintenance of the puppy until it matures to Adulthood. puppy food has a higher fat content than adult food, as puppies are actively growing. Puppy food also has more protein than adult dog food. Answer: Puppy food has proteins and different kind of nutrients that puppies need to grow up into a healthy adult dog. The puppy dog food is specially designed for puppies. Adult dog food has nutrients that a full grown dog needs to keep on living a healthy life. Answer Puppy food is higher in calories.

No you can't be a dog.

Everything that grows on trees are called grow food.Examples of Grow food are fruits and green leafy vegetables.Grow food helps you to grow tall and strong.


Dog food is made specially for dogs. Dog food also contains nutrients for your dog. Be careful ,though,some types of dog food will kill your dog. I saw that on a program:) Good luck on finding good dog food!

What food did The Normans grow?

No, money does not grow on food.

no but horse meat is in dog food

adult dog food is for adults and senior dog food is for senior dogs (older)

When dogs are sleeping you should leave them alone and let them sleep. They grow and digest their food when they sleep too.

Microorganisms grow on food because there is food there that can sustain them.

Food poisoning doesn't grow on food. It is from bacteria that grows on it.

it is a grow food because it is a body building food.

You feed your pet and when the food points are at 9/9 feed it one more time and it will move to the next level and grow

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