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yes. normally its because they didn't hatch when they were spposed to or something scared the parents away.

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Can you touch duck eggs?

No if you touch duck eggs or alert the duck to the fact you know where her best is she may leave and or abandon the eggs

Will mama duck leave her eggs if you touch the eggs while she is gone?


Does the mother duck ever leave her eggs to take breaks?

No. She was a full time Duck Mum :)

After duck eggs hatch do the duck and baby's leave?

No they dont even though they can swim and run the moment they hatch

Will a female duck ever leave her eggs?

Yes. The duck will sit on the clutch of eggs until they hatch in about 28 days from when she starts to sit on them. She does leave for short periods to eat and drink when there is nobody around. Be patient, the eggs will hatch, and soon there will be a brood of ducklings.

What should you do if you found a duck egg?

Leave it, it might be rotten, and a duck could be henning it. What ever you do, DOT NOT SMASH IT! Wild duck eggs are usually not very good for cooking and it usually is better to stick to farmed eggs!

How do you stop duck eggs from hatching?

I think that you can just leave them in a cool place, because eggs need to be warm to hatch.

Does a duck leave the nest after the eggs hatch?

Not usually. If their eggs do hatch they will most likely stay behind to raise their ducklings.

Can you leave the eggs with the ducks will they still hatch?

If the duck remains and sits on them there is a good chance they will hatch.

Will a mother duck leave her eggs?

It is possible but most of the time the mother will return for her ducklings and care for them.

How big are duck eggs?

duck eggs are a little bit bigger then chicken eggs

For how long will a female duck leave her eggs?

When brooding a clutch of eggs the hen will only leave the nest for about 20 minutes at a time maybe twice per day. This is when she goes to get food, water or to defecate. If eggs are left for longer periods the eggs will cool enough that they will no longer be viable and will not hatch. A duck frightened from the nest will return as soon as she feels it is safe.

What color are duck eggs?

duck eggs or usually only brown or white

Mallard duck nesting on about 17 duck eggs and 3 chicken eggs should remove the baby chicks from her when hatched so she will stay on the duck eggs until they hatch?

:: Answer place here (by supervisor) from discussion page;: That is way to many eggs for one duck to hatch. 8-12 is about the largest number of eggs for a nest. The mother will more than likely leave the duck eggs when most of the chicks hatch. I am not sure if you remove the chicks if she will stay sitting each duck is different. Some will stay with the nest to try to hatch the rest of the eggs but other will leave the nest completely. If it were me I would decide now which I wanted most, the ducklings or the chicks. : When ever you mess with a ducks nest she can give up on the nest and not hatch any of them after she has been sitting.

How many eggs in a duck clutch?

How many eggs are laid in a duck clutch vary by the species of duck. On average a female duck will lay anywhere from 7 to 14 eggs at one time.

Where can you find chicken and duck eggs?

You can find chicken and duck eggs by looking in their nest.

Do people eat duck eggs?

Yes, many people eat duck eggs.

What happens if duck eggs dont hatch will mamma duck know to leave nest?

our mother duck kept the 6 eggs warm for at least 28 days only to find one egg broken and then she left. there did not seem to be an attack on the nest. should we clean the whole nest up or only remove the old eggs?

Can a chicken hatch duck eggs?

Yes. A chicken can hatch duck eggs. One of our chickens hatched a duck and we named her Sophie.

Will duck eggs hatch with no male?

No, the duck eggs need to be fertilized by a male in order to hatch.

What do I do about a duck laying eggs in your bushes?

leave them there...if you touch them the parents will leave them. If you have a pet that will hurt them try to keep it on a leash for the time really doesnt take that long for them to leave the nest.

Will a duck sit on unfertilized eggs?

A duck will sometimes sit on unfertilized eggs. Usually, after a while the duck will come to realize that the eggs are not going to hatch and she will give up and move on.

Does duck take care of the eggs?

The duck does take care of the eggs for the most part but there have been times when the drake will sit on the eggs as well to give the duck a break to go feed.

Can you eat fertilized duck eggs?

You can eat fertilized duck eggs, just like you can eat fertilized chicken eggs. If you do, you risk finding a partially developed duck inside, but they are not harmful.

Where do the duck eggs come out?

Duck eggs are formed inside the female and fertilized inside the uterus. The eggs are then laid by the duck via a vaginal canal through an orifice called the vent.

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