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they both have to be front or rear wheel drive, you cant do it if one is front, and the other is rear


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i would like to know where the pvc valve is and how to change it on my 1990 olds 98 regency 3.8.

on bell housing of trans where engine&trans atatch

what is the firing order for 1990 chev trans sport and where is number one piston locoted

Hyatt Regency Birmingham was created in 1990.

Hyatt Regency Belgrade was created in 1990.

Hyatt Regency Albuquerque was created in 1990.

Unfortunately, a 1997 Toyota Supra engine and trans would not fit into a 1990 Mazda Miata. The Supra engine and transmission are unable to be mounted correctly within a Miata to make them fit.

What kind of bearings??Engine, wheel, trans,diff.?????

There should be a trans tube between the engine and firewall.

This requires engine and trans holding fixtures and a lift. Take it to a garage.

Which valve? Engines have many! You need to be very specific about this!

4 Cyl engines through to 1990. Engine ID # is stamped on a pad on the right side of the engine block except for the Z24i which is on the left. Most engines are the Z22, 4 cyl, with 8 spark plugs.

the only thing different would the internals of the trans the turbo trans is a heavy duty trans.

yes. both engines are the 4g63. the turbo engines from the 1990-1994 is a 6 bolt 4g63 and the turbo engine from the 1995-1999 is a 7 bolt 4g63.

The factory engine sizes are a 2.5L four cylinder and a 4.0L six cylinder.

YES, They are the same engines. That would be a direct bolt in.

Trans Am - band - was created in 1990.

Pontiac Trans Sport was created in 1990.

Yes, you can change the engine of a Toyota used car from diesel to petrol or LPG Gas. Some D2 engines are used in late models already have diesel engines.

Like ALMOST ALL EFI engines, it's in the fuel tank.

Check on the engine block or intake manifold of your motor. Most engines are cast with that information right on it.

YES. Those 2 engines are the same. NO difference. It is a direct bolt in.

A 1990 Ford 7.3L diesel engine works by using a very high compression ratio to ignite a mixture of air a diesel. Unlike gasoline engines, it requires no spark to actually ignite the fuel.

SEO stands for search engine optimization, which is the process of providing more relevant answers from search engines based on what people search for. The first known use of the term was in the mid-1990's when search engines first became popular.

That depends on the engine and year. On pre-2003 Honda Accords all engines used a cam belt. On 2003-up the 4 cylinder engines use a cam chain, no maintenance required. On 2003-up V6 it uses a cam belt that must be replaced at 105,000 miles. All engines with a cam belt are interference engines and if the belt breaks serious engine damage will occur. On pre-1990 engines replace the belt at 60,000 miles. On 1990-96 engines replace it at 90,000 miles. On 1997-up replace at 105,000 miles.

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