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Will a faulty alternator in 1993 Cad Eldo affect power steering and radiator fan?

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yep definitely

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What would cause a whining noise while accelerating?

Whining noises often come from the alternator or the steering pump. Check the power steering fluid in the pump (there is a dipstick on the pump), and have an AVR test done on the alternator. If the alternator is faulty, you are probably having battery problems as well. If the steering pump is low on fluid or is faulty, you probably are experiencing jerky steering from time to time.

Does a faulty power steering pressure switch affect gas mileage?

Yes, the faulty power steering pressure switch does affect the gas mileage. It will give a wrong reading of the gas mileage. It is therefore important to fix it when it is faulty.

What are the causes of Power steering fluid leak on ml320?

Most common is a faulty return hose at the radiator. This in most cases is cover by warranty

Why does Ford Mondeo sometimes not start without a jump?

weak or faulty battery, faulty alternator (or slipping alternator belt causing battery not to charge) or faulty starter motor

What causes steering wheel to be hard to turn?

Low on power steering fluid. Loose or missing drive belt. Faulty power steering pump. Faulty power steering box.

Can a faulty alternator drain a new battery?

It can, though it is unlikely -- the alternator and the voltage regulator would both have to be faulty. A faulty alternator will not charge a battery, though, so it may seem normal until the charge put into the battery at the store runs out.

Why is my 2003 Oldsmobile alero overheating?

This can be caused by a number of things. # A shortage of coolant # faulty thermostat # faulty radiator cap # a blocked radiator # faulty water pump # faulty fan # leaky hoses # cracked head or block.

Why are the radiator hoses sucking inn?

Low on coolant and/or a faulty radiator cap.

What does the code P0626 mean on an 2008 F250. I just replaced the alternator a few weeks ago?

Possible causes,- Faulty battery- Alternator belt missing or loose- Faulty Alternator- Alternator harness is open or shorted- Alternator circuit poor electrical connection

What would cause engine coolant to leak?

Could be, worn bearing/seal in water pump, loose hose clamp, faulty hose, faulty radiator, faulty gaskets, faulty heater core, faulty freeze plugs in engine block, faulty radiator cap, cracked cylinder head,

Why does my Vauxhal astra estate dash board lights flicker with the new alternator fitted and the engine running?

The alternator may have a faulty rectifier or faulty voltage regulator

Whining noise on your ford f150 but im dont think its your wheel bearings what else could it be?

Faulty wheel bearings usually squeak or squeal. A whining noise is more likely to come from a power steering pump low on fluid, or from a faulty alternator.

What would cause low voltage on a 1991 Chevy blazer?

A faulty alternator, a faulty belt tensioner.

Will a car start with a faulty alternator?

As long as the battery is charged

What could be wrong if my battery light comes on?

Faulty Alternator?

How do you know if you have a faulty battery or a faulty alternator?

A quick test I've always used is to start the car. Remove the neutral cable from the battery. If the car still runs your alternator is fine.

Would a radiator cap cause a car to overheat?

to add to this, a big YES,on the radiator cap .the radiator cap needs to be specific pressure rating. radiator caps do wear out. also the cheapest fix to start It is doubtful a radiator cap would cause a car to overheat. Common overheating causes are insufficient coolant, leaking coolant (into or out of your engine), faulty thermostat, blown cooling fan fuse, faulty fan temperature switch ( sender ), faulty fan, or a faulty fan relay.

What makes a battery and alternator over charge?

faulty voltage regulator

Car battery light comes on what can cause?

alternator faulty

What causes your steering wheel to become hard to turn?

A few things could cause this. Low power steering fluid, too slow engine speed (low RPMs), faulty power steering pump or broken power steering pump belt, binding or poorly lubricated steering linkages, faulty steering gear, etc.

What would make the radiator fan stop working on neon?

A faulty fan motor, A faulty fan motor relay, A faulty coolant temp sensor, A faulty ECM, (most unlikely),

What causes intermittent power steering electrically on 97 suburbans?

One common problem is a faulty steering position sensor. This $60 sensor, located at the base of the steering column (inside the vehicle), tells the variable assist power steering how fast you are turning the steering wheel. When faulty, it will cause lurching and surging in the steering - feels like loose parts.

Battery light on 94 Saturn won't turn off?

That is typically caused by a faulty alternator. Have the alternator tested; the light is indicating that the alternator is not providing a charge to the battery.

Why are you getting moisture around your radiator cap?

The cap is faulty, replace it.

What code does p0562 mean?

The vehicle has a charging problem, perhaps a faulty alternator.