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Staring isn't necessarily a good thing. It is one thing to stare at, say, a painting in a museum or, say, a train wreck; it's quite another to stare at a person. Was he looking at you, or was he ogling you? Was he leering or smiling? It matters. Perhaps he was checking you out and deciding whether he wanted to make a move on you. Perhaps he wasn't staring but merely looking in your direction and trying to get a reaction from you. When a guy you are interested in looks at you, the simplest thing you can do to send him a positive message is to smile. Girls really underestimate the power and beauty of a smile. For many guys, it's a major turn-on.

2006-09-13 01:28:20
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What does it mean when you stare at a guy and he starts smirking?

It means he knows you like him.

Why does this guy that you like giving you a vicious stare?

He does that probably because his girlfriend can see that you like him and she doesnt like it and so neither does he.If he doesnt have a girlfriend then he just doesnt like you and he likes some other girl and he thinks that you are holding him back from getting her.

What do you do when the girl knows you like him?

if a girl knows you like her, chances are she will flirt back. if she doesnt flirt back...move on, she isn't interested!

Does zendaya like beefaroni?

i don't think she knows what that is and she probably doesnt like it lol

If a guy knows you like them what do you do?

You should wait a little bit and see if he asks you and if he doesnt then that means that he doesnt like you but you should ask him out and be prepared for a no.

Will a guy stare at you and get attention from you and say hi to you differently than to others and be near you when he has a chance if he doesn't like you?

yes. sometimes men will stare at u even if he doesnt like you. most of the time it means he wants to be friends.

What if the guy you like knows you like him but he doesnt like you how do you make him fall for you?

you don' move on if he isn't interested

Why he still reply your text msg after he rejects you?

Doesnt want it to get awkward even though it probably is because he knows you like him and he doesnt like you back.

What do you do if he knows you like him?

ask him if he feels the same. then if he does ask him out. if he doesnt, at least he was honest.

Does the guy you like think you like him if a mutual friend told him you like him but you act like you don't that you only stare at him but nothing else?

yes because he knows your going to want to try a little bit to avoid him because he knows you like him

What does it mean when a capicorn girl stare at another girl does she like her?

it means nothing. what does being a capricorn have to do with this situation? Many people stare at othersall the time that doesnt neccesarily mean that they all like each other its just simply a glance.

What does it mean when someone stare at you but doesnt want talk to you?

Ether they are a stalker or they like you but dont want to ask you out yet. or they are spacing off...

Why does my leopard gecko stare at me?

A girl asked me to give her a piggyback ride does she like me?

Not necessarily. Maybe she wants you to be her slave...who knows?

Does a boy like you if he tells you he doesnt but he knows that you like him?

Most likely, no. Just because YOU like him, doesn't mean he has to like you back. He told you he didn't like you. He knows that you like him, and if he did like you back, he would've asked you out by now.

A guy claims that he doesnt like you but knows you like him how can you tell if hes telling the truth?

Ask their mom and dad

Signs he is losing interest in you?

If he starts hanging out with his friends for ridiculous amounts of time. If he doesnt really compliment you anymore. If he calls you less and less. If he doesnt touch you as much as he used to or if he doesnt like, stare right into your eyes anymore. I hope this helps

How long can you hold a stare with a girl you like With out being a weirdo and also if a girl stares at you after you stare at her then she looks for a sec then you turn away does she know i like her?

yes She would know if you stare then look away. You could tell her how you feel or you might not want to depending on the situation. She knows. You could probaly hold less than 5 secs approx with out being a stare. If you have constant stares or chekc her out then you look like a perv.

Why are cats scared of some people and friendly to others?

Ctas don't like it when you stare at them, and very often cat owners stare at their cats a lot purely out of love for the cat. When cat owners get friends over and these people don't necessarily

How do you know if a guy you like knows your ALIVE?

sorry but this is going to be creul but if he doesnt talk to you then he doesnt!! you need to talk to him and make yourself a part of his life.

How can you tell if a boy likes you and he ignores you all the time?

if he knows your there and hes ignoring you he doesnt like you but if he doesnt realize you are there talk to him about tv or party's or vacation

Why would a guy constantly stare at a girl and walk past her a few times in class everyday regularly even though she doesn't stare back when he knows she stared long time ago?

Its normally because he likes her, if he doesn't like her then he is beginning to like her.

Why does your crush stare at you when he said he doesnt like youΒ ?

Probably checking you out! Boys pick on girls cause they like them!(Sometimes) Maybe he does like you! Giv him time. Ignore him. He might try to get your attention or taalk to you.

How do you know when a boy doesnt like you?

well u realize that he dosent stare at u and also he always puts on a face when hes annoyed of u

What does it mean if a guy doesnt like your boyfriend?

If he has any interest in dating you, he will not like your boyfriend. But maybe he already knows your boyfriend and they do not get along or else your boyfriend has a bad reputation that the guy knows about.