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Yes, I had hibiscus surrounding my inground salt-water pool. They grew beautifully.

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Q: Will a hibiscious survive near a salt water pool?
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Can you change a above ground pool center drain with water in it?

Where is the drain located? If it is on the wall near the top then you can keep the water in the pool. If it is near the bottom then you may have to drain the pool.

Can saltwater marine life survive in a salt water pool?

In a typical saltwater swimming pool nothing living other then micro organisms should be able to survive. In a saltwater pool with water, filtration and components designed for marine life, they could.

Can bed bugs live in a swimming pool?

They may survive in an empty pool, but are not able to live under water.

Does a salt water pool repeal or attract mosquitoes?

Repel, mosquito larvae can not survive in salt water.

Can you drink pool water in an emergency?

Oh yes, you can survive on pool water for years. Either chlorinated or salt (salt water pools have very little salty taste).

Can mosquito larva survive in a pool?

As long as you keep your pool regularly chlorinated then the mosquito larvae will not have a suitable water pH to survive in. If you slack off on the chlorination then the water will start to turn a greenish color and that is when the larvae will thrive.

Why might the water in a pool cool the air near the pool?

because the water gives off energy so therefor the water makes the air cold

Can a toad live in a pool?

well the answer is yes because they can survive in water and it's the enviorment

How do you get rid of the biting insect called backswimmers in a swimming pool?

It depends on what the bugs are...if they are mosquitoes, you can get rid of them by circulating the water. Mosquito larvae need still and stagnent water to survive. Not too many other types of bugs will live in the pool water, but many types will use the pool as a water source, so they are living near the pool. You need to include more information in your question such as do they live in the water or do they congregate around the pool, what do they look like, where are you located...etc. More information? They are called backswimmers (sometimes Tennessee Backswimmers)

A shallow pool of water near a larger body of water?

i dont know buti think its the ......

Why is water seeping into the ground?

If water is seeping into the ground near your pool, then you obviously have a leak somewhere.

Can Hand Foot and Mouth Disease survive in a chlorinated swimming pool?

No HFMD can not survive in Chlorinated water. Actually the chlorinated water will help Sue M MD

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