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Will a home test give the same result as a blood test?

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βˆ™ 2012-02-15 23:23:21

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Yes, the doctors blood test will read the same. A blood test can just tell earlier if you are pregnant.

2012-02-15 23:23:21
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Q: Will a home test give the same result as a blood test?
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Yes. Both ways will give you the same blood testing result. The only difference is snorting it will take effect faster.

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No because different parents can have different blood types and as a result the blood type of the children is uncertain.

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with the same type of blood! O- can give blood to everbody .

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I'm not sure why they would try and give you A & B at the same time because AB blood type can receive blood from any blood type. They would only need to give you A or B or O.

The term used to describe how consistenly several measurements of the same quantity give the same result is?


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Not necessarily since blood type is a result of inherited genes from both parents and a sibling can have a different set of blood genotypes from these parents.

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A blood give is when a medical business like a hospital or the red cross asks people to donate blood so they can use it to help people of the same blood type. it is also called a blood drive.

Are at home pregnancy tests always correct?

Almost NOTHING is ALWAYS correct.Home pregnancy tests are around 85 % so use three from different manufacturers and you are approaching 99% if they all give the same result. If not then you will have to find out why.

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If you have the same blood type and close to the same tissue patteren and have both of your kidneys then yes you could give someone your kidney.

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People with B blood type can only give blood to people with AB blood type providing that the Rh factor is the same between donator and receiver. (either both positive or both negative Rh)

Can you give blood to a brother in surgery?

Only if you have the same bloodtype otherwise he'll get sick.

Why can't you donate blood if you've had melanoma?

Because you don't want to give someone bad blood. This is the same for every disease.

What will happen if we inject others blood into our blood?

If your blood isn't the same blood type (A, B, AB or O), then brain damage or death can be the result as the two blood types will cause many clots to form and stokes can be caused by clots.

What would happen if you to red blood cells if you give a pure water IV?

Fluids entering the blood stream should be isotonic (same salt concentration) as the blood. Water is hypotonic to the cell environment (contains fewer solutes) and this would result in a net movement of water into the cell, causing the cell to swell and lyse (burst).

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