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Will a laguna 6 speed gearbox fit into a 1.8 16v Clio mk1?

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Please guide me on were i can check the gearbox oil level on my 2001 manual 16v Renault 1.4 clio?

1.8 16v laguna, the gap is 0.9mm

I believe that a Renault 19 1.8 16v engine is the same as clio 1.8 16v engine and as long as you have the right brackets am sure it would

I need valve clearence renault clio 1.2 16v 2005. Can you help?

18k miles / 1 year what ever comes first for - 1.5DCi, 1.2 8v & 16v, 1.4 16v, 1.6 16v 12k miles / 1 year what ever comes first for - 2.0 16v Clio 172 (inc. Cup), 182 (inc. cup & Trophy)

where is the fuel filter lacated on a 2002 Renault clio 1.2 16v

you can use castrol 10w40 for this car

what model is it? i.e mk2 2.0 172 or mk3 1.2 16v? mk3 1.2 16v

where is the fuel cut0off switch on a renalt clio 1.4 (03 plate )?

yes i just put my 8v box on my 16v bolts straight on

The spark plug gap for a 2004 Renault Clio 1.5 liter 16v should be set at .9 mm. A new spark plug can be purchased at any auto parts retailer.

Renault Clio Dynamique cutting out can be from different things. The best guess would be is to get another one.

Looking at the engine from the front, it is the component mounted just below the air cleaner. It is bolted to the right hand side of the engine just below the cam shafts (two round black plastic seals) and above the gearbox.

Yes. My Ford Probe 2.0l 16v had cruise control and that was a manual gearbox!

You need special tools to lock cams and crank

Can you? Sure you can. But use exactly what Renault recommends if you value the longevity of this engine.

What model gearbox is in a vauxhall corsa 1.4 16v petrol 98 reg F13 or F15

It seems all Renaults have a serious design fault Coil Packs, these are either on each Spark Plug for 16v engines or as a block on 8v engines.

go in your local car shop they have a book that will tell you. you dont have to buy it from them

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