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The landlord can ask for a damage deposit when you get your pet. This is fair and covers any possible damage the dog may do. If your dog doesn't do any damage you are entitled to the damage deposit back when you move. Many motels and hotels in Canada and the U.S. ask for a deposit of up to $50 or more if you bring along a pet. In the morning when you are paying your bill they will have one of their employees inspect the room and if all is well you get your $50 back. Marcy

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Q: Will a landlord's homeowners insurance increase if you buy a dog that is not considered a high risk breed?
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Do skylights increase the cost of homeowners insurance?

No. Skylights would not effect the cost of homeowners insurance.

Do pit bulls increase your insurance?

In the past, I have had to pay more for my homeowners insurance, because I have pits, yes.

Can you choose how much coverage you want for homeowners insurance or does the insurance company have the right to drastically increase your coverage without your approval?

It is unlawful to intentionally under insure your home. Your insurance company is required to review your homeowners policy regularly to insure that you are properly insured and that your homeowners policy is in compliance with the law as well as the terms of any associated mortgage note.

Does your insurance go up if you own a pocket pitbull?

In fact, certain claims on your homeowners policy could lead to an increase.

How much do homeowners insurance rates increase due to poor credit from a bankruptcy?

not much. should not matter too much. homeowner's insurance is anyway too low.

When a homeowners insurance company pays a claim will they normally increase the cost of the insurance?

It all depends on the type of claim. If the adjuster believes that the claim can be a predictor of future additional risk, he/she will probably recommend increasing rates.

Will your homeowners insurance go up if you have a dog?

Most homeowners policies do not increase the rates due to possession of a dog. Every application for homeowners insurance does ask if you have certain dangerous breeds of dogs, exotic pets, or a dog who has a bite history. If you do have one of these breeds, an exotic pet, or one with a bite history, the company will usually not agree to issue a home insurance policy. A few companies will agree to issue the policy if you agree and sign an exclusion for animal liability.

Will a parking ticket raise insurance rates?

Generally parking violation will not effect your insurance. These are not considered moving violations and thererfore will not increase the premiums.

Will homeowners insurance cover golf clubs stolen from the car on the property?

Every homeowners policy is unique and you need to read through your policy to be sure but I can tell you that most homeowners policies will cover your personal property. Your homeowners policy will actually cover your personal property anywhere in the world (depending on your specific policy). If your clubs were stolen from your car and you are thinking of filing a claim just remember that you will be responsible for your homeowners deductible which is usually around $1,000. That means that you are responsible for the first $1,000 so if your clubs are worth $1,200 you would get a check for $200 from your insurance company. Most golf clubs aren't worth that much but if yours are do you really want to file a claim to get a $200 check? After you file that claim your homeowners insurance premium will increase for 3-5 years because you will be considered a higher risk by the insurance companies. One other thing to consider is that if your car windows were broken during the theft you will also have to file a claim with your auto insurance company if you want them to cover the window. Most auto policies will replace glass for free or very little.

Will having a swing set make my homeowners insurance more expensive?

In most cases, your homeowner's insurance will not become more expensive when you purchase a swing set. However, a small number of agencies will require that you increase your liability coverage. Even if you are not required to increase your liability coverage, you should consider doing so.

Why would your insurance increase?

what insurance?

What causes increases in the escrow payments having to be paid?

AnswerGenerally, escrow is for paying county property taxes and home insurance. An increase in either of these could be the cause.AnswerEscrow payments are payments in addition to your Principal & Interest that you pay on a monthly basis. Your escrow payments are set aside and used towards year end for the payment of your Property taxes & Homeowners Insurance. If you experience increases in your escrows its largely in part to either an increase in your taxes or insurance or both. An increase in taxes is common which would be caused by increase of home value.

How much do insurance rates increase after claim?

How much increase auto insurance after claim

If you hit the side of a garage when pulling in will insurance cover it even if happened at a home on private property?

More than likely the homeowners insurance or the auto insurance would cover the damage. The person would have to evaluate whether the deductible and possible increase of rates would be worth filing a claim on either policy.

Does an above ground pool increase homeowner insurance rates?

It usually does not increase the rates of a homeowners policy but it does increase the requirements on your part. For instance, you will be required to have a fence of at least 4 feet high completely surrounding the poll and a lockable gate that is childproof (meaning you have to reach over the gate to unlock the gate).

How do I increase my insurance policy?

Contact your insurance agent.

How much will the insurance on my cars increase after a ticket?

There are several different factors that cause an increase in insurance. Tickets dont always cause an increase in insurance unless they are pretty serious tickets.

Will your insurance increase due to failure to observe traffic signal in new jersey?

Your insurance will eventually increase when they review your account but probably not right away. Every point you get on your license can increase your insurance.

Will your homeowners insurance rate go up if you file a claim to replace your fence?

Most homeowners insurance does not increase rates due to claims. However, claims do determine whether or not a company continues to renew your policy. Especially now, if you are cancelled it is much harder to get home insurance.

Photo tickets increase auto insurance?

Photo tickets are considered a moving violation. Moving violations will increase your auto insurance premiums if you are found guilty. When you pay the fine associated with your photo ticket, you are admitting guilt. If you go to court and fight the ticket, you can request traffic school. Going to traffic school or fighting the ticket are the only two ways to prevent an increase in your insurance rates.

How much will your insurance increase with 8 points for speeding?

your insurance willl increase by 2,000 pounds with 8 points on your license

Are insurance agents high in demand?

Yes; the demand for insurance agents is expected to continue to increase in the future, based on the increase in variety of products. In addition, growing population leads to an increase in demand for various types of insurance.

Does homeowners insurance go up after a burglary?

A single claim for burglary is not likely to increase your premium at all However, if you have had multiple burglary claims and have taken no measures to secure against future break in, then Yes, you can expect your rates to increase at your next renewal date or your policy could be cancelled due to a lack of homeowner moral or due to an increase in risk factors.

What is the average deductible for 50.000 of renters insurance in georgia?

Renters insurance is a form of homeowners insurance. The form is HO-4. I assume that you mean the policy that the person renting purchases to cover their belongings and liability. Most all homeowners policies offer a wide variety of deductible choices usually ranging from $250 to $5000. The higher the deductible you choose the less the cost of the policy because you are assuming some of the risk for small claims. Most insurance companies have or are moving to increase their minimum deductible to $500. Look on your declarations page on the front of the policy and it should tell you the deductible.

If you have 2 points on your license for speeding in Ohio how much will Insurance increase your premium?

The increase in your insurance payments vary from company to company. Call your insurance agent, they can give you an estimate.