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Will a leaking heater core cause your car to overheat?


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A leaking heater core will cause the engine to overheat because the coolant is leaking out.


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No, a clogged heater core will not make it overheat. A leaking heater core will.

Not necessarily. It depends on what you mean by a bad heater core. The core will either be leaking or stopped up. If it is leaking, then it can cause the engine to overheat and the only fix is to replace it. A clogged or plugged heater core can sometimes be fixed by flushing it. You can also temporarily bypass the heater core until you can get it fixed. Just connect the inlet & outlet heater hoses together.

If your heater core is LEAKING engine coolant so that your engine coolant level drops too low or the engine coolant is lost completely and causes your engine to overheat then your engine can be damaged beside the mess the leaking coolant makes inside your vehicle ( you might be able to just temporarily bypass the heater core so that no engine coolant is flowing through the heater core )

If it is leaking inside the car, the heater core has failed.If it is leaking inside the car, the heater core has failed.

windshield leaking heater core or heater core hoses.

No. You have either a leaking heater core, or a leak at the windshield.

roof or heater core leaking roof or heater core leaking

Only if the coolant is leaking from the heater core, but you will see this.

Typical of the heater core leaking. Overheat because of low fluid and pressure. Foggy windshield due to heater core leaking and will smell antifreeze in the car.

The heater core is leaking. Replacing the heater core is your best bet.

You may smell coolant when the ac is running but a leak in the heater core won't cause the ac not to work.

smoke coming from a/c vent indicates that the heater core is leaking and needs to be replaced.this smoke is hot antifreeze, it will not cause a fire but it does stink and will eventually cause car to overheat

The only fix for a leaking heater core is to replace it.

the heater core, heater core hoses or heater control valve is leaking

A bad water pump or thermostat can cause an engine to overheat. A plugged (clogged) radiator or heater core may also cause an engine to overheat.

A leaking heater core. oil is leaking on the engine and is burning and beining drawn in by the vent or the blower motor is going out Are you sure it's smoke or is it steam? If your windows are steaming up and it smells like maple syrup , your heater core is probably leaking.

Heater core leaking or "bad"/ repair/replace. 4-8 hours labor + parts... pain in the rear (not the cars)

Your heater core is leaking, Need to REPLACE HEATER CORE.

No , this coolant is coming from your heater core and you are losing engine coolant ; you need to have this repaired because the engine will overheat and suffer damage that will be more expensive than the repair of the heater core .

when your feet are wet-(the core is leaking!)

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