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no it will not. Actually it help the female parakeet with the babies. don't be scared if they enter the nest.

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Q: Will a male parakeet hurt the baby parakeet?
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How does a parakeet get a baby?

The female and male parakeet do a cloaca kiss and make a baby bird deedadee

When a baby parakeet bites you does it hurt?

Depends on whether a man or a mouse

How do you know if your female parakeet loves your male parakeet?

Probably when they are very affectionate with one another or you have baby parakeets.

Can a parakeet eat a newly hatched baby parakeet?

yes. sometimes, the male has been known to eat or peck the babies.

Will a male parakeet feed another male parakeet?


What do you call a baby Parakeet?

what do you call a baby parakeet

Does a female parakeet need a male parakeet to hatch an egg?

A female parakeet can lay an egg without a male, but it will not be fertilized, therefore the egg will not hatch. So, yes, a female parakeet does need a male to "hatch" an egg.

What is a baby parakeet called?


Should male parakeet be separated from newborns?

Only if he is showing any agression towards the mother or baby, or if he is trying to mate with the baby. That would be very weird.

Is female parakeet bigger that male parakeet?

if laying, yes/

Will a father parakeet take care of the baby parakeets?

yes! when the eggs are hatched the male will help the female feed the babies.

What does it mean when a parakeet chirps out high-pitched shrieks?

This means that your parakeet is either scared if you keep trying to pick it up, or if its a male parakeet its calling to the female even if you only have a male parakeet it wants to find a mate.

What if a parakeet Ceres is purple?

its a male its a male

Why does a female parakeet peck a male parakeet?

It might peak the male's head for fun. My parakeet does that and my dad says they are just having fun.

Does the male parakeet have to be bigger than the female parakeet to be friends?


Does a male parakeet take care of the eggs when the female parakeet dies?

Depends on the male if it usually goes in the nest then yes

How do you tell what sex your parakeet is?

A female parakeet has blue-tipped wings and a male parakeet has red-tipped wings.

Why would a parakeet kill its baby?

alot of times it is by accident. the parents might crush the egg or don't feed it enough. but the male parent might not like the baby and attack it.

Should you remove the male parakeet out of the cage with egg and the female parakeet?


What is the color of a boy parakeet?

A male parakeet has a blue nose above its beak.

How do you tell the difference between and male and a female albino parakeet?

A male parakeet has a blue nose. A female parkeet has a brown nose.

Will a male guinea pig hurt baby guinea pig?

no, if its the father the male usually helps the mother.

Will a male duck hurt the baby ducks?

Male ducks can be territorial and may sometimes kill ducklings!

What is the gender of a parakeet with a bluish pinkish nose?

If it has a bluish pinkish nose it is a male. It is still a baby. When it's nose it completely blue, then it is an adult.

Can you have female parakeet with a male parakeet in the same cage together?

Well, this is possible, if you want to have baby parakeets. If you do, keep thing in the same cage and install a nesting box. If you do not want to have babies, I sugest geeting a cage for each keet.