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Yes, some men are crass enough to use a woman to save money. It wasn't a secret that for many years young doctors pulled this off while going to medical school and as soon as they became full-fledged doctors and got their practice going they dropped the woman that helped them. If he has his money in his own account and doesn't share expenses then you can bet he's using you. If he doesn't talk about his future with you and that both of you are working towards a that future then he's using you. He should pay half the expenses and not expect you to work and put all your money into his future or safe his own money and give you nothing in return. If this is the case have a talk to him and tell him you aren't willing to continue on with these arrangements any longer.

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business planning question by a banker

If an American marries a Chinese woman in China is there a waiting period before she can leave?

She have to . Maybe long, or short.

Can a woman take a home pregnancy test while on her period?

It is a waste of money as having a period usually shows you are not pregnant. yes a woman can test while having their periods because some woman do get something like period which they think it is period but it it not so my answer is yes they can test whil eon period as they think it is a period. i hope this help who is looking for this answer and if not then sorry.

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I'm sure they sometimes do, but if he tells his 'other woman' that he's planning on it or just hasn't found the right time to do it chances are he's never going to. The other woman should just back away and get out of that type of relationship because even if he does leave his wife for the other woman, at some point he'll find another 'other woman'.

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when she was 13. She is just a normal woman, and who ever said she has never ovulated is lying because she is planning to have children in the future.

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A woman can have and do whatever she wants during her period.

When does a woman have her period?

between each period cycle, it could be 28+ days before your next period. a woman has her period once a month.

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Yes, every woman has a period. If they can have children, they have periods. XD

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It varies from woman to woman. I think with a normal period you bleed about 7Tbs.

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If a woman gets her period it is unlikely that she is pregnant

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Money and lots of it. Everyone has a different opinion of what's beautiful but if you think shes out of your league she will probably to and leave

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How late can a sexually active woman be on her period without being pregnant?

A woman can get pregnant before, during and after her period.

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a woman ovulate 14/15 days after her period or 14 days before her period

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A woman bleeds from her vagina when she's on her period. It mostly consists of her uterine lining.

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I'm not sure why anyone would buy a woman a present just because she has her period (unless it's her first period and it's a menarche gift). If you want to buy a woman a gift just buy one, there's no specific gift for a woman on her period.

Will your husband leave for the other woman?

Is their as reason why he would leave you? Or, is their a reason why he would stay? ANSWER: It all depends on the consequences of their marriage. Some married men who cheat never really leave their wife for their own reason. And some do because the other woman has all the time in the world for him. Second reason if the married man do leave his wife, it's because he fell in love with his mistress. And if this married man don't have any kid, it will be easy for him to leave his wife for another woman. But don't get me wrong, even if this married man have children, he will also leave his family for the other woman, because he thinks the grass is more greener on the other side. The man I married was also planning to leave me, so I guess it's only natural for some married men to leave his old life, so he can have more exciting, fun, without responsibilities.

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OMG! evry woman has their period!

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A woman can get her period twice a month for multiple reasons such as missing her birth control or having an irregular period cycle.

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No, your period is when your body mestrates

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Yes, a woman can swim while on her period. I just used a tampon while swimming.

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When he finds the perfect woman for him to get married to.

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