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Will a metal detector detect gold?


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Yes, metal detectors detect gold but there are different detectors that are optimized for different types of gold. Jewelry, coins and other large amounts will be found easily by all purpose metal detectors. Gold detectors are designed for finding gold in the raw - flakes, tiny nuggets or deposits in highly mineralized soil.

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A metal detector can detect all types of metal....depending on in what type of soil it is in.

Since gold is a metal (precious) you can of course detect it with a metal detector. But only if it isn't tuned to ignore gold. since every metal has a different phase response metal detectors with discriminators can be tuned to ignore certain metals.

A metal detector is a hand held electronic device that can detect the location of metals such a gold due to the minerals in the metal that it picks up on therefore, using this device will help one find gold in the sand as it separates it from the other particles.

Sure if there is enough metal like steel rebar

No they can not..well not my phone

Yes the metal detector would but it is a large object and you would see it also.

Yes, as long as the pipes are metal. Depth may be limited by the quality of the detector.

A basic metal detector will not tell the difference.

Not necessarily. That would depend upon the metal detector design and the sensitivity settings.

of course since the item is metal (precious) it will show on your metal detector unless of course you've blocked gold or nickel .

Basically No. But the detector have a camera then yes.

Metal detectors do not rely on magnetism to work. Which is a good thing, or you'd never find gold, silver... or platinum.

Depending on the strength of the detector and the depth of the concrete and finally the gauge of the wire

Depends on the size of the metal detectors, and the size of the metal under the surface of the earth. The bigger the metal detector, the bigger the piece of metal, the deeper down it will detect.

Metal detectors can detect and other metals or alloys.

I have researched this topic and found that you can indeed find precious metals when using a metal detector. These metal detectors will detect items such as silver, iron, metal, gold and platinum.

All metal detectors detect all metal depending on the level of sensitivity they are set at. Battery or no, a cell phone would be detected.

Before choosing a metal detector, you need to know if gold nuggets are to be found in your intended prospecting area or is the gold fine like flood gold? The best metal detector for nuggety gold is the Minelab GPX5000. For fine alluvial gold or fine gold in Quartz specimens then the Fisher GoldBugII would be my choice. For sure there are other metal detectors that will do the job, the two metal detectors I discribed are in my opinion the best detectors for finding gold.

To get the metal detector, go to the shop that's run by the alien teen, in the corner there is normally something different advertised every month, (Metal detector, arcade games) wait until the metal detector is shown and buy it. To recharge the metal detector, put some fuel rods into the furnace, and click "Recharge Metal Detector" For big bucks, metal detect in the desert. The most expensive thing you can find is a mummified alien.

The Bounty Hunter Gold Digger Metal Detector is used to search for underground metal in backyards, beaches, parks, and more. This product is available on the Amazon website for $59.99.

the metal detcetor always used mainly for detect or find the metal weapons, metals wires, chemical jars/ metal box containing harmful drugs and explosives. it is helped out for alarming illegal import/export gold,silver metals.

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