Will a metal detector detect gold?

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Yes, metal detectors detect gold but there are different detectors that are optimized for different types of gold. Jewelry, coins and other large amounts will be found easily by all purpose metal detectors. Gold detectors are designed for finding gold in the raw - flakes, tiny nuggets or deposits in highly mineralized soil.
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What are the metal detected by metal detectors?

A metal detector can detect most if not all types of metals. This depends on the quality of and the methods used by the detector. Modern high quality detectors can also dis

How deep can metal detectors detect?

Depends on the size of the metal detectors, and the size of the metal under the surface of the earth. The bigger the metal detector, the bigger the piece of metal, the deeper

Does a metal detector detect silver?

If you are talking about metal detector that you buy as a hobby for finding things then yes of course it will. But security metal detectors are adjusted so they aren't usually
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Can braces be detected by a metal detector?

Braces. Metal detector. My answer would be yes, considering braces are metal. Kids, don't try this at home. Or anywhere else. Anyways, yes, braces can probably be detected by
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What can a metal detector not detect through?

Technically speaking it can detect through anything, however the depth at which it can detect will be effected by various factors such as density, moisture and more importantl