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Yes and no, you'll need to replace the computer,trans,motor mounts,front exhaust pipe and possibly the wiring harness, not a job for the inexperienced

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โˆ™ 2005-10-04 17:11:38
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Q: Will a motor from from a 1991 Dodge Caravan V6 fit into a 1989 Dodge Caravan 4 cylinder?
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Where is the brake fluid reservoir on a 1989 dodge caravan?

On the firewall, in front of the booster, on top of the master cylinder.

Why would a 1989 Dodge Caravan feel like the motor shifts when accelerating?

Have the shop tha installed the motor mounts check and see if all mounts were replaced and if they are tight.

What is the recommended engine oil for a 1989 dodge caravan?


What is the curb weight of a 1989 dodge caravan?

3550 lbs.

Can the driver's door from a 1989 Dodge Caravan be used to replace the driver's door on a 1993 Dodge Caravan?

no only up to a 1990 model

Where is the inertia switch for a 1989 caravan?

Dodge does not use inertia switches.

How many gallons of gas does a 1989 Dodge Caravan hold?

about 16 galons

How much does a 1989 Dodge Caravan weigh?

Curb weight is 3275 lbs

Where is the oil pan on a 1989 dodge caravan 2.5?

Attached to the bottom of the engine.

Where is the fuel reset switch on a 1989 dodge caravan 2.5 liter?

Dodge does not use inertia or reset switches.

Where's is the fuel pump located in a 1989 dodge caravan?

The fuel pump is in the tank

Where is the 1989 dodge ram 50 Blower motor Resistor location?

For the 1989 Dodge Ram, the heater blower motor resistor can be found on the passenger's side, on the bottom of the heater box. It is beside the blower motor.

Why would a 1989 Dodge Caravan get hot if idling with the air conditioner on?

Thermostat? or radiator? Greg

Where is the fuel filter located on a 1989 Dodge Caravan?

On my 91 it is under the van on the inside of the frame

Where is the OBD Diagnostic Indicator on a 1989 Dodge Grand Caravan?

It is under the hood on the driver side.

Where can you find a diagram for the serpentine belt on a Dodge Caravan?

Go to and look under specifications, belt routing. On a 1989 Dodge Grand Caravan, the diagram is on the side of the engine where the S-belt is located.

Where is 1 piston for Ford Ranger 1989 located?

On the 4 cylinder its at the front of the motor On the V6 its on the passenger side of the motor , front cylinder

What sensor do you have to disconnect to set the timing in a 1989 dodge caravan?

Unplug and reconect the coolant temp sensor.

How do you fix blinking light on the front panel on a 1989 Dodge Caravan?

Need to know which light is blinking.

What dodge tranny will bolt to a 1989 3.9 V6 motor?


1989 dodge caravan is there a fuel pump access panel and where can it be found at?

no access panel, have to rmove fuel tank

What is the largest size motor that can be placed in a 1989 Dodge Dakota?

360 V8

Is the 3.9 motor of 1989 Dodge Dakota injection or carburetor?

A 1989 Dakota has throttle body fuel injection.

Where is the fuel pump relay located on a 1989 Dodge Caravan?

On a 91 it is inside the gas tank, probably on the 89 too.

How many cylinders does a 1989 325iS have?

A 1989 BMW 325is has a 2.5 liter straight 6 motor ( 6 cylinder ).