Cougars, Mountain Lions, and Pumas

Will a mountain lion eat a fox?


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yes mountain lions will eat a fox


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Yes, if it was hungry. Mountain lions eat most things including people.

Bear, coyote, wolf, mountain lion...

There is no species called a "mountain fox."

A mountain lion is at the top of the food chain but humans might eat a mountain lion. If a mountain lion dies, it will be eaten by scavengers.

A single wolf would have problems killing a mountain lion. However, a pack of wolves might take down a mountain lion and eat it.

A mountain lion will eat wolves when it is starving.Otherwise lions are not known for eating wolves.It is seldom.

A mountain lion does not traditionally eat salmon. They prefer to eat small game, which includes deer, rabbits, and rodents.

Yes a mountain lion can eat a coyote. While coyotes can be vicious, mountain lions are much bigger and have more power.

In Africa a lion will take a fox as food if it can catch it.

it is possible for a mountain lion to kill you they can use there agility to kill you

no mountain lions can not eat mountain lion but they can harm and sometimes kill each others.

yes they could eat frogs

Yes it can if it can catch it

Actually if a Mountain Lion is fully grown it can hunt down a wolf and eat it!

i think mountain lions can eat pretty much anything :P

Perhaps an eagle or bear. Mountain lion, definetely. Wolves?

Yes. this is because the mountain lion is a meat eater it is possible that it eats a Bobocat. Though it is not confirmed.

A mountain lion consumes meat but it doesn't eat food like worms and bacteria (decomposers) do.

Large american alligators can eat mountain lions.

Perhaps more powerfull animals. Like a lion.

coyotes, links, mountain lion

i don't think so because they're the thing a cougar and a mountain lion is the same animal but they call a cougar a ,cougar instead of a long word (mountain lion)

No, there are no other species of lions that live in the range of the mountain lion. They live in Africa and Asia and never meet a mountain lion in the wild.

Mountain lions prey on eagles, but on some occasions.

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