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White mystery snails lay eggs in clutches above the water line. If the eggs fall into the water they will drown, but if the clutch dries out they will also die, so what you want is a humid and moist environment

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My Mystery snails laid eggs about a month ago and then they died. Do the mystery snails die after laying eggs?

they shouldn't die from laying eggs

How many young do snails have?

200 to 600 eggs can be laid

If the mama snail dies and the daddy what will happen to the baby snails?

There is no parental care amongst snails. As soon as the eggs are laid the baby snails are on there own. Its really no big deal.

Do adult snails eat baby snails?

some snails eat their own kind but most do not. However, several species of snails are known to eat their own eggs, even mother's that just laid those eggs! However, they don't eat their offspring once they are born.

Are apple snails and mystery snails the same and will they mate with each other?

AnswerHey there, as far as i know they wont interbreed. All i have to say is make sure u have cover glasses coz those buggers can crawl out of ur tank pretty fast hahaha. :o) Catch mate.a shellApple snails and mystery snails are different. Apple snails get to be softball size while mystery snails stay smaller. I have an apple snail and an ivory mystery snail, my ivory is a female and I just saw the apple snail mating with her. She has just previously laid two clutches of eggs from my blue mystery snail that has just recently died and the eggs have not hatched yet so I am curious to see if the apple snail will fertilize her or not. I have tried to do research to see if they can even breed or not and have not found anything useful.

Do female snails lay eggs?

Sort of: snails have both male and female sex parts, so when two snails mate, either or maybe even both can lay eggs. snails can mate with anyone, even their own children or brothers/sisters. Mine giant African land snail laid about 300 eggs, then died this morning.

How many babies do large trapdoor snails have?

A female Pomacea snail will lay her eggs in clutches above the waterline, generally at night. Usually 200 to 600 eggs can be laid. Eggs of Marisa snails are also laid in clutches, but below the waterline, on vegetation. Depending on the temperature, eggs of either genera hatch after two to three weeks. The young will eat the same diet as the adults. jUSTINE

How many eggs do giant African land snails lay?

I thing a 100 I own 10 of them and each time they have laid more than 220 eggs for each batch

What are the differences between eggs laid on land and egg laid in water?

Eggs laid on land are hatched on the land and eggs laid in the water hatch in the water. *o*

Can watersnails be tiny?

Yes they can ! You might find a water-snail in your aquarium - but it may have already laid a large number of eggs - which will hatch into tiny snails !

Do they eggs get laid in sand?

A sea turtle's eggs get laid in sand.

How are the frog eggs and chicken eggs kept from drying out?

Frog eggs are laid underwater, where they stay until they are hatched. The chicken egg has a membrane on the inside of the egg that hold moisture inside the shell.

Why are frogs eggs laid in water?

are frogs eggs laid on land or in water

Are newt eggs laid in water or on land?

Newt eggs are laid in land.

What is the name of the eggs laid by frogs?

Spawn is the name of the eggs that are laid by frogs.

Are brown eggs stronger than the white eggs?

nope. the only difference is that white eggs are laid by white eggs and brown eggs are laid by brown eggs.

When the angelfish lays the eggs and you remove them off the spot where they were laid?

The only way to relocate Angelfish eggs is to move whatever the eggs were laid on. Removing(scrapeing) the eggs from where the fish laid them will result in the death of the eggs. HTH

Where do dragonflies go?

Adult dragonflies die of old age as winter approaches, but nymphs from spring, summer and fall laid eggs are still maturing underwater.

How can you tell if your turtle has laid eggs?

Look under the turtle. If there are eggs that werent there yesterday it may have laid some eggs.

What is difference between cage laid eggs and free range eggs?

ones laid in a cage, ones laid in a open house.

When are lizard eggs laid?

When a lizard gets laid...

What causes fantail fish to die after 2 weeks?

How old is your fish? Your fish may have laid eggs, After a fish has laid eggs it will pass on, one of my fantails died after it laid eggs :(

Do roosters fertilize eggs after they are laid by the hen?

No, before they are laid.

Where are chicken eggs laid on a farm?

they can be laid anywhere there are chickens

Did the stegosaurus lay eggs?

Yes, they laid eggs.