Will a poplar tree growing into a chain link fence cause it to rot?

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The tree could be choked by the chain link if it grew through a link hole in the fence.

Trees have a layer called the cambium, which supplies nutrition from the roots to the rest of the tree. If this layer is damaged the tree will suffer and possibly die.

In the instance of a chain link fence the tree has very little chance of survival because the link will cut the cambium all the way around the trunk causing the tree to choke to death.

If the dead tree happened to go unnoticed there is a good chance it would rot and fall down.
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How do I trim poplar tree?

Answer . Just remove the lower branches that are in your way. No other pruning is necessary.

How is chain link fencing made?

hey pal, the machine actually does it just how you imagine it, like lots of ppl sittin down weaving it together, it takes one piece at a time and runs it in there, the come in 50 foot rolls usually , but you can make the machine do what ev you want . Answer . Hello everyone I cannot imagine ( Full Answer )

Will burning blackberry vines growing up through a chain link fence harm the fence?

Answer . It all depends on what type of chain link fence you have. If you have vinyl coated chain link fence , it will definetly damage it. If you have galvanized chain link fence , other than cosmetic damage, it should hold up fine. Please keep a bucket of water or a fire extinguisher handy. I w ( Full Answer )

Can your neighbor paint their side of your chain-link fence?

Answer . if it is on their property it's ok otherwise you must give the ok. Just let them pay for and paint both sides but get in in writing that they are responsible for paying for everything including clean up and damages to plants.

Can you install a chain link fence through a wooded area?

In order to perform a quality fence installation through a woodedarea, the path of the fence will have to cleared. The path needonly be wide enough to install the fence without interference. Inorder to maintain the fence in good repair, the path must continueto be kept clear, especially of roots, bu ( Full Answer )

What is the average height of a chain link fence?

Yes.i understand the "average"but if you understand chain link fence,you will know there is not a affirmatory "average height",we can produce chain link fence more than 10'.or more higher. Keyword here was "Average". 5' No ,the height can be as your design,for example:PVC Coated Chain Link Fence Ch ( Full Answer )

How do trees rot?

Trees rot due to fungi. They may be attacked by insects or damagedby humans. The areas that are attacked or damaged may be contactedby small fungi that multiply and cause the tree to rot.

Can a rabbit get through a chain link fence?

Yes. A small enough rabbit CAN jump right through the mesh in a standard sized yard fence. I know this, because last night I had the little guy (... no not a baby) cornered and poof - he jumped right through the fence and bounded off into the brush. I was stunned for a minute - he sure didn't LOOK l ( Full Answer )

What are poplar trees?

Poplar trees have around 30 species, the most popular English names are Cottonwood, Aspen, Poplar, for more information:. Please see related link below.

What is the lifespan of the white poplar tree?

Too stinking long! We have two VERY old poplars in our yard 30+ yrs old. The trees themselves are beautiful, but as one state calls them "noxious weed" for a reason! When you trim them or any damage to the tree occors, the tree shoots out dozens if not hundreds of saplings from one end of the proper ( Full Answer )

Can you scrap chain link fence?

You are better off finding someone who can use the fence. Local scrap yards would/will not purchase or offer money for my used fence. However, they offered to take it for free. They will purchase, per pound, the posts, but posts rarely equal big profit since they are light weight. And, the cement ba ( Full Answer )

Contractor mark up on chain link fence?

The contractor mark up on a chain link fence is usually twice theamount you could get it for yourself. You may be able to purchaseit and have you contractor install it.

What is the best way to paint a chain link fence?

Use a roller, a thick nap will cover part way around each wire, and only paint that is contacting wire will be leave the roller. Drip and runs that accumulate will be picked back up. Do a small section, and both sides, as you go, rather than all of one side, then the other.. A brush will create man ( Full Answer )

Cost of chain link fence?

At home hardware it costs 160$ for a chain link fence 5 feet talland 50 feet long

The price per foot for chain link fence?

Depends upon several factors including, guage of wire, height of material as well as quantity. material cost can be between 6 and 12.00 per ft.

Can skunks climb chain link fences?

Skunks are very good climbers. Skunks can climb almost anything,including a chain link fence and any other type mesh fence.

How growing trees causes weathering?

Their roots grow deep into cracks in rock where water collects. As they grow, roots become thicker and longer, slowly exerting pressure and wedging rock apart.

What is chain link fence made of?

A chain link fence is made from galvanized wire. Buyers have achoice of different gauges of wire ranging from 6 to 12.5.

Is the best coating for chain link fence vinyl or powder coated?

Method of coating is a factor too If you can remove the chainlink fencing and dip paint it the colour you want when it is dry then coat it with Marine Varnish to protectic it from the weather . an alternative is to spray paint the fence remembering to place something behind it so as not to spray an ( Full Answer )

Who invented chain link fencing?

In 1844 Charles Barnard built the world's first wire-nettingmachine to produce chain link fencing(a design inspired by localcloth weaving machines) and the firm of Barnard, Bishop &Barnard began to export wire netting all over the world. Theoriginal machine is in working order and can still be seen ( Full Answer )

How much does labor cost to build a chain link fence?

Most contractors work with the idea of having around $60 per hour as a labor cost. This cost covers the worker who installs the fence and the administrative people in the firm. If you are hiring a lone handyman, they will obviously charge less per hour (I find that many are around $20/hour). The nex ( Full Answer )

How does a growing tree cause weathering?

Tree grow in the cracks of rocks. As the tree grows the rootslargen and put a pressured force on the rock cracks causing thecracks to lengthen in size. The rocks start to weather away becauseof the force of the roots.

How do you make a drag rake from chain link fence?

To make a drag rake from a chain link fence you will need the following materials. . One 6 foot by 6 foot section of chain link fence. . Two six foot lengths of 1/2 inch galvanized angle iron. . 14 1/2 inch u-bolts with nuts. . One 10-12 foot section of 1/2 inch galvanized chain. . 2 1/2 inch c ( Full Answer )

Can poplar tree make paper?

Yes. The wood of poplars is relatively soft and hence is mostly used to make cardboard boxes, crates, paper, and veneer.

How do you spell the tree poplar?

That is the correct spelling of the type of tree, poplar. The similar word is the adjective popular , sometimes pronounced similarly.

Is a chain link fence dangerous?

It's dangerous to eat. If it's rusty, or old, it's dangerous to grab. If it's new, and it's been made and rooted correctly, it should be fine. But keep in mind that there are still sharp spots on it. Plastic chain link fences aren't very sturdy. Don't try to climb them, as the tops are not usuall ( Full Answer )

How does a poplar tree make its food?

Photosynthesis. The leaves of the tree gather carbon dioxide and sunlight and through the process of photosynthesis turn the sunlight and carbon dioxide into glucose(sugar), oxygen and excess heat.

What animals rely on poplar trees?

It depends on whatyou mean by "popular trees". Most birds use trees for food and shelter, small mammals use trees for food and maybe shelter, and humans (well all animals) need oxygen. And oxygen is provided by trees.

How much would a chain link fence around .18 acres of land cost?

There are many factors involved in figuring the cost of any kind of fencing. One estimate I came up with showed about $2,000 US to fence an area of 90 feet by 90 feet square, five-foot high chain link, with one three-foot walk-through gate. However, there are a couple of online tools I like to use f ( Full Answer )

What are the benefits of chain link fencing?

Chain link fencing is said to be most cost efficient compared to traditional wood fences and vinyl fences. Chain link fences do not require much maintenance.

Where can someone recycle chain link fence parts?

One can recycle chain link fence parts at the local scrap yard. Some local scrap yards will pay you for the chain link fence parts based on the weight of the links.

Can you paint a chain link fence?

Yes but its time consuming. they actually do look much beterpainted. the trick is you have to use both an aerosol and brushpaint (matching) The li9nk will go throught too much otherwise andyou don't want brushmarks on the poles, so those you spray.