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I'm sure behavior in pregnant cats differs depending on the cat. From personal experience, I would say yes and no. During the 9 week gestation period, for the first 5 or 6 weeks, my cat meowed a lot less. She became quiet and really affectionate. By the 8th week, as she began nesting and getting restless. She meowed A LOT more often, and continued to be pretty vocal until she went into labor.

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How do you make a cat stop meowing when in heat?

You can not stop a cat from meowing when she is in heat. The only way stop the heat cycles is to spay her.

How do you get your cat to stop meowing because it is going through heat?

You can not stop a cat from meowing if it is in heat, you must bring her to the vet and get her fixed

Symptoms of a dying cat?

The symtoms of a cat dying are meowing, smell like rotten eggs, meowing, sneezing, meowing, vomiting, meowing, licking itself and of course meowing!

How do you keep a cat from meowing?

There is no known way to keep a cat from meowing. Meowing is a cat's only natural way of communicating.

What is a good way to stop a cat from meowing all the time?

make it trust you or lie you

Why do kitties stop meowing?

they never stop meowing!:) they will for there whole life(:

How do you stop a cat from meowing?

If its bed time tell the cat to shush. who nos it might wanna go to the great outdoora or its not felling well First of all you have to understand why is he meowing , is he hungry , sick, does he wants to go out? then you will know how to stop him. you have to understand that they meow to communicate and tell us something.

What kind of cat is the most annoying?

Siamese cats never stop meowing. They're cross eyes too.

Your cat is meowing you think something is wrong?

The meowing of a cat is perfectly normal. I its his/her way of asking for something or loving you. If something is wrong your cat will probably be lazy and growling.

Does a cat stop spraying once she is mated?

does a female cat stop spraying when pregnant

Is your cat pregnant if she is sleeping and eating all the time meowing for attention her stomach looks larger she was looking for a male cat she rolls over on her stomach when you pet her and is mad?

Yes! Congratulations your cat is pregnant! ...My Cat has gotten pregnant with the same symptoms. Maybe go to the vet first but all the symptoms point to kittens!

What are the symptoms if a cat is bitten?

meowing alot

What are the 2 uses of a prepositional phrase?

Answer:Prepositional phrases are modifiers. They can either function as an adverb or as an adjective. Take the following sentence, for example:The cat on the couch is meowing at the dog."On the couch" and "at the dog" are both prepositional phrases. The first prepositional phrase is modifying a noun, "cat". It's describing where the cat is. The second is modifying a verb, "is meowing". It's describing HOW the cat is meowing, or what it is meowing at.

What can you do to make your cat stop meawing?

it's out of food ,water ,it's litter box is dirty or it's bored is probably why it's meowing in the first place if so then ten to these needs and he will be happy. still meowing? then pet him and he will probably stop hope this helps

What's it mean when your cat is madly meowing at you but is wagging her tail?

If your cat is madly meowing and wagging its tail, it could be hungry. She might also want attention.

Is my cat pregnant she has enlarged pink nipples also eating a lot and meowing all the time?

you can contact the man known as "the cat whisperer," Dwayne Densmore from vermont. Search in facebook

What makes more noise than a cat meowing outside your window?

Seven cats meowing outside your window.

How loud is a cat's meow?

It depends, how is the cat meowing?

What does it mean when a cat is constantly meowing at you?

The cat is unhappy about something - but exactly what, I cannot say.

If your cat has hurt his paw and cant go out what do you do if he wont stop meowing to go outside?

what you do is let him keep meowing. Show the cat some love and pet it so it is distracted. Maybe give it a treat and keep showing it love. if it tried going outside, then you should consider a cage or crate.

What happens if a cat drinks vodka?

He starts meowing in russian.

What is a 8 letter word for meowing pet?

pussy cat

Why does your cat meow a lot?

It probably wants your attention. If the cat has not been fixed, it could be the animal is in heat.Well I guess it depends on the cat. mine does, but my grandmas doesn't the cat may want you to do something for it. For example, if your cat is an outdoor cat, she may be meowing at the door which means she would like to go outdoors. Meowing can mean many things. Look out for clues that tell you why she is meowing or what she wants. Or, your cat might just be downright chatty!!! :D

How will a cat behavior when she is about to give birth?

Your cat will behave in a panic! She will be in labor meowing and acting sick!

When does a cat stop having litters?

the cat stops having litters when the cat stops getting pregnant by a male cat

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