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if the salt water pool has a extreme high mineral content it ,could make the grout white, if the grout is new.

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Will salt water damage grout tile or concrete around the pool?

No, salt water in a properly water-balanced pool will not damage grout, tile or concrete around the pool. Damage to such surfaces will come from improperly balanced water that will either scale (deposit onto) or will corrode (pit and dissolve) the calcium carbonate in grout and concrete. Water balance is determined by pH, Total Alkalinity (adjusted for Cyanuric Acid), Calcium Hardness, Temperature, and Total Dissolved Solids (TDS). For more technical info, go to I have a spreadsheet that calculates this and couldn't find a website that did it all right including TDS which for salt pools would make the index about 0.1 higher than reported by a website such as the following:

What would cause new grout in swimming pool to rub off easly?

Grout was not properly mixed. It most likely mixed with to much water. Your water could be aggressive with a low pH attacking the grout and plaster. Test and adjust. If your pH is below 6.8 and has stabilized there your pool plaster should start to look copper color, aqua color, have black stains which look like graying spots. But once the damage is done you can't undo it.

Can you use pool situation or pool condition when you want to say pool is good?

I would say water is safe, balanced and crystal clear.

How can you fix tiles that are rough and cause injury without removing the water from your pool?

Removing the tiles and old grout is a dirty and difficult job with the water still in the pool. It has been done. It is just as difficult to install the new tiles & grout. I have of some doing it from inside a small boat in the pool with the water lowered. Have heard of others doing from the deck working up side down, if you will, to set the tiles.

How do you get rid of hazzy pool water?

Make sure your chemicals are balanced and add a clarifier available at your pool supply dealer.

Does covering pool with solar blanket make water cloudy?

No. Assuming the water has been treated/is balanced.

Can saltwater swimming pool damage the plaster?

No, salt does not damage the plaster. Improper water balance will.

Is pool water harmful to children?

Not particularly so long as it is properly balanced and sanitised.

How long is the wait to swim in new swimming pool?

You can swim in it when the water is in it and chemicaly balanced.

What happens if swimming pool water is completely removed does it do any damage to the pool pump or any pool equipment?

Then you can't swim

Why is it cloudy?

The water in a pool can be cloudy because the chemicals are not balanced. If people wear sunscreen and go in the pool before it has soaked in it can also cause the water to become cloudy.

Why do some pool companys tell you salt water will damage pool equipment?

I don't know, because it is not true the amount of salt that is used in a salt water pool while slightly more corrosive then fresh water (About the same amount of salt as you find in tears) will not cause any appreciable damage to modern pool equipment as it is made for salt water pools, salt water pool being by far the most common pool these days.

How do you regrout a pool?

You will need a grout saw and grout scraper to remove the old grout. Then use an epoxy grout meant for swimming pool use, and work in small areas at a time. Choose a color that matches the tiles. Follow the mixing instructions on the container. When all the tiles are properly filled wait for it to dry before finishing the job with a sealant.

Will draining and leaving a tiled pool in a hot wet climate damage it?

More and likely yes, the sun would dry the tiles out may cause the grout to pop off, crack,

Is it better to swim in a lake during the summer or in a pool?

A pool the water is sanitized and with proper water chemistry. A lake may contain harmful bacteria. Water chemistry in a pool is balanced to somewhat obtain the chemical levels that are present in tap water that you drink. You are trying to duplicate that with pool chemistry. You drink chlorine and wash clothes in it. After hurricanes and such small amounts of bleach is used to sanitize water enough to drink. Think about it. Would you drink that lake water or drink your properly balanced pool water instead? Hope this is helpful.

Can you stain pool grout?

Yes...any concrete grout will're better off regrouting though because chances are that the grout is sealed and the stain will only last one or two seasons.

Will it damage the pool pump or filter to let the water level drop?

So long as there is water coming through the pump when it is running it doesnt matter what the water level in the pool is.

Should you tie the pool water leveler to the water softener?

You can, if the water presently in the pool is 'hard' - but be very careful to keep an eye on the Calcium Hardness of the pool water. If you filled a pool with water from the softener, the water would be hungry for calcium and drag it out of the pool walls, making them feel and look like sandpaper. Calcium hardness should be kept within 200-275ppm. best to use regular water for topup and keep the pool water properly balanced (see your local pool store).

How do you change a chlorine pool into a salt water pool?

To change a chlorine pool into a saltwater pill, it is important to drain it. From there, you want to wash the pool to get the chlorine residue off. Then, you want to buy new equipment. Add water, then add the salt, but not until the pH is balanced.

Is 4-inch pool tile recommended?

Since it is my job to clean off the hard water stains and calcium deposits from pool tile, I'll answer from that perspective. Grout lines are the most difficult part to clean. Since larger tiles have fewer grout lines they are usually easier to clean. My personal preference though is 1" irridescent glass tiles covering the entire pool, for the elegant look.

Stone Tile Repair?

form_title=Stone Tile Repair form_header=9993 What is the location of the tile? (Select all that apply)*= [] Countertop [] Backsplash [] Floor [] Wall [] Stairs [] Fireplace [] Swimming Pool [] Other Are there any spare tiles left over from the installation?*= () Yes () No How would you describe the nature of the damage? (select all that apply)*= [] Cracked [] Scratched [] Chipped [] Loose [] Worn [] Discolored/Stained [] Dull/Hazy [] Need cleaned [] Need polished/sealed [] Grout discoloration [] Grout damaged or gone [] Grout has mold/mildew [] Grout needs cleaned [] Grout needs sealed [] Want to change grout color [] Other

Why does the grout in your pool trim tile keep coming out?

It comes out because you have not applied it properly. Either it isn't deep enough in the cracks or the mixture is wrong(too much water, too little water)

Will swimming pool water be cloudy if the stablelizer is low?

Not likely, make sure all chemicals are balanced. If still cloudy, use a clarifier sold at pool stores.

Could lightning damage a pool light?

Yes, lightning can damage a pool light.

Why is it necessary in building a pool to lay pool tiles?

To lay pool tiles, you will need mortar to affix the tiles to the cement pool, you will also need grout for between the tiles and a sponge to clean the tiles.