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Yes you can. You can put any tmobile sim card into any tmobile or unlocked phone and it will work perfectly. Although you may need to add some features to your plan :)

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Can you use your sidekick id sim card with your sidekick 2008 will everything work the same?

Yeah i think you can use the same sim card i haven't tried that yet but it should work the same. And you can use the same sim card on different pones and it will work the same.

Will an AT and T sim card work in a sidekick id?

No, sorry dude only the sidekick3,sidekicklx's,and08>

Will a sidekick id sim card work in a sidekick 2008?

it should because all sim cards are the same (well within your compny like tmobile sprint and others).

Can I put my Sim Card for my Sidekick iD in My Sidekick LX?

Yes, your phone number will still be the same, if you pay for text or internet, it should work also, if its doesn't you can try a hard reset i have a sidekick lx and going to a sidekick 2008.

How do you put music on your sidekick id from LimeWire?

how do you put music on your sidekick id

You have an ATT phone the sim card broke and im out of town can you replace it at any ATT store?

You can change your sim card in any AT&T corp. store in the United States, as long as you have a valid state ID or military ID.

Does the sidekick id have a camera?

No a sidekick does NOT have a camera! We don't know why.....

Which sidekick is better sidekick slide or sidekick id?

the slide is better because i think you can take pic and stuff. the only thing that is better on an id is that you can change the skins. i had an id and i hated it. i switched to the lx

How can you track a Zong SIM number from an ID Card number?

When you register for cellular service through ZONG you are given an ID number and a SIM number. The ID number can be used to locate the SIM number should you need to track its use. To check the balance of a ZONG number you can text the inquiry to *222#.

How much money does a sidekick id cost?

The Sidekick iD costs about $100-$275. It depends on the sale or the contract or the plan you want.

What was the first sidekick?

Sidekick black and white was the first. It was followed by sidekick color, sidekick 2, sidekick 3, sidekick ID, sidekick lx, sidekick slide, and finally sidekick 2008, and the new sidekick lx 2009 is coming out very soon

You want codes for sidekick id?

yes.. i would like codes for my sidekick i.d!

What is an ID-card?

idenafication card ( ID ) idenafication card ( ID )

Which sidekick should you get a sidekick ID sidekick 3 or sidekick 2 juicy couture?

== == well the sidekick id has no camara so how r u gonna take pics but its cute the sidekick 3 is a really nice phone but im a girl so i would want the sidekick 2 juicy couture but im gonna have to see SIDEKICK 3 SO YEAH HOPE I HELPED BYE LOL

When was the sidekick id invented?

the sidekick was invented because we needed a new phone for people to travel with them easier.

Can the sidekick id be a prepaid phone?

no why would you think that

Where can one find a cell phone sim card?

Depending on your country of residence, you can buy a sim card from a network operator (like AT&T in the US, Orange in Europe or T-Mobile in both the US and Europe) or from an independent retailer. Depending on the country you might need to show your ID or passport to confirm your identity before buying a sim card.

What type of photo card ID is needed to fly within the US?

The photo card ID that you need is either your passport or a state issued ID card. Just using a school ID will not work for flying within the US. Driver's licenses and learner's permits are the most common forms of ID.

How can you get a copy of your id card from nadra records?

i have stolan my id card so i want oue id card copy of my id card thank x

How do you restore the data service on the Sidekick ID?

u must have sidekick data plan threw tmobile u must have sidekick data plan threw tmobile

Do you need a passport to fly to dublin?

passport or national ID card/drivers license/work ID with photo

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