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It depends on the content of the letter, the judge, the OTHER attorney and how fortunate you are on that particular day. Many times the judge wants to give the attorneys to "discover" anything that might have been accidentally left out of the letter. If by "stand up in court" you mean can it be used as evidence to prove the truth of what the letter says, then No. A written statement, even if made under oath, may not be used in evidence in place of having the person making the statement appear and give live testimony. Allowing that kind of evidence in that way deprives the other side of the opportunity to cross-examine that person and is inherently unfair even if the statement is signed and notarized.

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Q: Will a signed and notarized letter stand up in a divorce court?
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Does a letter of testamentary need to be notarized?

Letters testamentary are issued by the court and are not notarized since they are signed by a judge in their official capacity.Letters testamentary are issued by the court and are not notarized since they are signed by a judge in their official capacity.Letters testamentary are issued by the court and are not notarized since they are signed by a judge in their official capacity.Letters testamentary are issued by the court and are not notarized since they are signed by a judge in their official capacity.

If a marital separation letter is signed dated and notarized does that make it legal?

No, a marital separation letter is not legal until it is filed with the court system. It also must be signed, dated, and notarized.

How do you write a letter requesting a divorce decree from the court?

You have to file the papers in court, signed by both parties. There will be a court date after the alotted amount of time and the divorce will be granted.

Is a notary legally binding?

A notarized document is not necessarily a legally binding document. A properly written and properly signed and propely notarized document may help you in court, but the only thing a notarized document proves is that the people who signed the document were who they said they were.

If the divorce papers are signed do you have to go to court?


Does a letter need to be notarized to stand up in court?

Not necessarily.

What is considered legally separated in ny?

When you have filed your signed and notarized (by both parties) legal separation agreement with your county Court. Michelle Rozen, Divorce and Legal Separation Mediator NY, NJ, CT

Can a father use a notarized letter as proof of non court ordered child support payments?

My son's father needed a notarized letter with detailed information about the money he gives to me for the military. For him to get separation pay for our son, this letter served as proof that he does take care of him. As long as it was notarized he didn't need court documentation.

How do you amend a divorce decree in minnesota?

If it is a matter of custody or support you must go thru (in Michigan) the Frien of Court. If both partis do not agree, a motion must be filed. Motion forms can be downloaded from the court. If both parties agree, than a letter stating the terms of the agreement signed by both parties and notarized is submitted. In matters of property I am still discovering what to do.

If your divorce went before court by lawyer and judge granted and signed divorce papers does the lawyer still have to file the papers?

No. The judgment would be entered by the court. You can visit the court and request a copy of the judgment of divorce.

Where can you get a letter notarized?

You can usually find a public notary at a bank or a court house.

Is a divorce legal if no papers were signed after the court date?

Generally, the divorce is legal once the decree has been issued.

Sample of newspaper notice of divorce?

A newspaper notice of divorce is done when the respondent cannot be found. The notice must be notarized by court, and forwarded to the local newspaper of your choice to complete.

Do warrants have to be notarized in Georgia?

Depends on what Kind of Warrant, Some warrants do need to be notarized before going to the judge to be signed No, the submitting officer(s) swear under oath to the truthfulness of the information contained in the affidavit. After that it is signed by a judge or magistrate court

Does a written personal loan contract need to be witnessed or notarized?

While a personal loan contract may not need to be witnessed or notarized, it is best to have it witnessed and notarized especially if it is for a lot of money. A signed sales receipt will stand up in a court of law.

I signed to final papers for my divorce and went to court but now I want to change my mind Can I revoke the divorce?

i think so

Do you have to go to court to get guardianship even though the biological parent is willing to sign a paper and get it notarized?

To become a legal guardian, you will need to go to the court and have certain paperwork signed.

Do you have divorce paper in a divorce?

Yes, you will have a final order of divorce decree from the court and signed by the judge. Yes i have available divorce paper and divorce packages in site available. you can see this site <a href="">uncontested divorce</a>

Does a letter have to be notarized to stand up in court?

No, not necessarily. If it is stipulated to by the opposition or it can be authenticated by other means it can be admissable.

What if you getting divorced all the papers are signed and waiting for court to finalize can you get married?

Not until the divorce is final!

Is it a divorce if papers never signed?

nope not technically. your married until the paper is signed Not strictly true. your ex just needs to be served. Then they can be summoned to appear in a divorce court to contest the divorce and let the judge decide the outcome. If the ex chose not to appear, the judge can decide on an uncontested case.

What is the time limit for a divorce to become final in Colorado?

90 days from the date the signed and notorized forms are filed with the court.

How do you get a divorce with a letter from your spouse stating he wants the divorce but he won't show up for court?

The great part about an uncontested divorce (both parties agree) is that you can proceed with a divorce without a lawyer. You are able to represent yourself in court and save time and not to mention money. Your spouse won't need to show in court when using this company. If you file for the divorce, you will be the one finalizing it. Your spouse is served, he/she signs and you attend court to finalize the divorce.

If you live in North Carolina and divorce someone in Germany who signs and returns the papers and they are then notarized is this enough to get a court date?

Sure sounds like it. Try it, all they can do is say this isn't enough.

Is there a free Travel consent form for non custodial parent?

A simple notarized letter, file with the court, is all that's needed.