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A speeding ticket of 10mph less will affect your insurance directly. Premiums often go up and remain high for extended periods of time.

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Q: Will a speeding ticket 10 mph less will affect your insurance?
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If you get a speeding ticket while driving someone else's car do you have to show proof of insurance when you pay the ticket?

no, but if you want to pay less for the ticket then yes

Will speeding ticket affect state farm insurance rate?

Normally it will. However, there are a lot of other factors that also effect your rates such as the type of car and even your credit rating. Usually for one minor speeding ticket in the last three years of ten mph or less over the limit your rates will not change. If you have more, then you can expect an increase. As a general rule it is a good idea to shop for auto insurance and also to fight any speeding tickets or take online traffic school if available.

If you get a speeding ticket in Nevada will they report it to Michigan?

No, I would just recommend not getting pulled over in Nevada unless you pay the ticket. (Unless it is fast enough to be considered wreck less driving, then it would be reported to your insurance company.)

How much is a speeding ticket for doing 75 in a 55 in hattiesburg ms?

I just got a ticket for 74 in a 30 and ticket was $228.50, so a bit less than that.

In MA will a speeding ticket received in a commercial vehicle affect your personal auto insurance premiums?

"In MA will a speeding ticket received in a commercial vehicle affect your personal auto insurance premiums?" Truck drivers with a CDL license are held to a higher standard than other drivers. New laws prevent a CDL driver from keeping a speeding ticket off his record by taking traffic school or a deferment. The only thing you can do is to contest the ticket and get it reduced or dismissed. Many violations are classified as serious for a CDL driver and two serious tickets in three years means a license suspension regardless of the number of points he still has on his license. This applies even if the tickets are received while driving his personal vehicle. Any ticket on your MVR will increase your personal insurance premiums. As a CDL driver you now have less options to keep your record clean and some companies will terminate a driver with three citations on his record. If you are a CDL driver you always need to know your options and the consequences before you plead guilty by just paying your speeding ticket. lwpat

Can you beat a speeding ticket based on the 6Th amendment?

It's possible but unlikely. Most speeding tickets don't result in a trial; much less an appeal.

What effect do speeding tickets have on auto insurance rates?

Speeding tickets have negative effects on auto insurance rates. If your insurance company learns that you frequently get speeding tickets, they will label you as someone more likely to be in an accident. This again means that they may charge you more for the insurance, and give out less in case of an accident. Or they may plainly not want to insure you.

How can you stop a speeding ticket from going on your insurance record in Minnesota?

I know when I got a ticket, I went to the courthouse and met with one of the people there and told them to "stay" the ticket. Which meant that if I didn't get another ticket within a year of that ticket, it would not go on my insurance. However, if you got another ticket, then both would go on your record. I have also heard that if the ticket is less than 10 mph over the limit, then it automatically doesn't go on your insurance. However, I think this might be a myth, because when I went to "stay" my ticket I was going 37 in a 30, and the worker never said anything about it not going on my insurance. It may also have something to do with select counties too.

How much will a ticket cost for driving a car with high beams on with a distance of 300 feet from the car in front of you and will it affect your history?

Most times an officer won't write a ticket for this, but some will. If you are written a ticket for this it will be a "rules of the road" ticket just like speeding and it will go on your drivers record the same. As for the ticket, that all depends on what state you are in and if you get a state or municipal ticket (which may be less).

How much does a speeding ticket cost in dekalb county?

For a Georgia speeding ticket each county sets the fine and it depends on your speed and the speed limit. If it is less than 14mph over the limit, it is no points against your Georgia drivers license and most people simply pay the Georgia speeding ticket. If it is more than that, you should retain a Georgia traffic attorney to try and get it reduced to a no points ticket.

How long does a Utah police officer have to file a speeding ticket?

if someone received a speeding ticket in the state of Utah and then went to pay it but the clerk said it had not yet been filed by the officer, then what is the statute of limitations for the officer to file the ticket? i think it should be less than one week.Mactord

You got 3 speeding ticket in less than a year what happen now?

Your insurance will go up at a minimum. Depending on how fast you were going and how many points you got for each ticket your license might be suspended. It varies from state to state so it is best to check your state laws.

If you are 22 years old and got your first ticket for reckless speeding for going 100 mph in a 65 mph how can you keep your insurance low and should you hire a lawyer?

Yes you should probably hire a lawyer because to many insurance companies this type of ticket is just as serious as a DUI. To save yourself you need to get this reduced to a careless, or a ticket that is less than 20 mph over the speed limit.

How much does a speeding ticket cost for 50 MPH in a 40 MPH zone?

All I know is the sooner you pay it, the less it costs.

What happen if police officer forgot to ask you sign on speeding ticket in Atlanta GA?

The Georgia speeding ticket is still valid. It is not required that you sign the ticket. If it is for less that 14 mph over the limit it is a no points ticket and most people just pay. If if is for more than that, you should consider hiring a Georgia Traffic Attorney. See the link for more information on Georgia speeding tickets and the new Georgia superspeeder law.

If I am 18 and got a speeding ticket for going 79 in a 55 mph zone what's the effect on my dads insurance?

It could go up and if this isn't your only one it will go up. You may be able to go to traffic school to make the damage less and therefore save a few dollars in insurance.

What will happen if you get your second speeding ticket just one month after your first?

that happened to me and it was within less than a year of having my drivers license...i was able to go to traffic school for one but the second one had to go against my record. insurance went up.

In Madison County, Alabama, How much is a speeding ticket that is less than 25 mph over the limit?

I believe the answer is $164.00 plus court costs.

On average How much would a mini cooper cost to insure?

I am a 43-yr old female with one speeding ticket (no other violations) in the past 19 years (I've had the mini for less than a year - got the ticket in a Jeep of all things...), and I pay $54.83/mo w/Enumclaw Insurance Group through AAA.

How can you avoid speeding ticket points?

Do not speed. Most police officers will not bother ticketing someone doing five or less miles over the speed limit.

I was issued a speeding ticket in wa. state and is it possible to keep off my record?

No. It is more-or-less automatically processed and will eventually appear on your drivers license record.

How much would my insurance for a Honda Cbr600rr cost me monthly if im 18 and have one speeding ticket on my record for going 100. The officer said it was only marked as a speeding ticket?

The premium for your insurance depends upon factors in addition to those that you have provided. Variables include: the insurance company giving the premium quote, where you live/where the car is garaged (if different from where you live), whether you maintain other insurance on the car (collision, comprehensive, etc.), whether you are entitled to other discounts that the insurer may offer in your circumstances, such as safety equipment (airbags, etc.). Above, all, don't base your decision on price only and don't buy less insurance than you may reasonably need just because of cost.

How much is a too fast for conditions ticket in Long County Georgia?

"How much is a too fast for conditions ticket in Long County Georgia?" It depends on the exact statute on the ticket. The only way to know for sure is to call the clerk of court and ask. Usually the judge will reduce the fine/points if you appear in court. Speeding tickets can have a major impact on your insurance premiums. Tickets less that 14mph over the speed limit are not entered on your Georgia MVR but they may show if you are from out of state. Be sure you know the consequences before you pay the ticket. lwpat

How much is the ticket for speeding in ca?

Depends on the speed. It's less for going a couple of mph over the limit than it is for going 20 mph over the limit.

Got a ticket less than a year ago in Ohio and live in California and my insurance went up is it too late go to traffic school?

Maybe to get the ticket off. I had a ticket several years ago and the state had a window that I had to meet to get the ticket off my record. Traffic school could help bring the insurance down a bit, maybe.