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Will a stock for a Browning A-Bolt fit the action of a Browning that was made in Finland?


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2006-07-20 16:48:08
2006-07-20 16:48:08

Sorry. No. What caliber Sako action do you have in the Browning? Give me a call at 417-830-5588 and I will give you some suggestions.


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There is no way to tell without a detailed description of all markings, barrel length, finish, sights, type of stock, type of action, etc..

according to Browning Service and a local gunsmith - YES

Made in 1964. The barrelled action was made by Sako, imported into the US by Browning who did the stock fitting and finishing here. We collect these rifles and would like more particulars if it is for sale.

Can't be answered without a detailed description of action, stock, barrels, markings, etc..

I would contact Browning directly and see if they have any in stock. I would also look at Boyd's rifle stocks and see if they have any reproductions that would fit your Browning.

That is what i came to this site for to get the answer.

contact customer service at

Can't be answered without a detailed description of all markings, gauge, barrel length, stock, type of action, box, papers, accessories,etc..

Try Midwest Gun Works.

try the customer service area on the browning web site.

Best left to a trained gunsmith

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