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I don't know if the stock will fit your rifle, but if it doesn't I need a 581 stock. contact me

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If you mean the magazine, there is a magazine release button on the left side of the gun. You press the button and the magazine comes out.

I assume the person is inquiring about the "clip" or "magazine" that holds the bullets in the Remington 7600 pump rifle. The rifle came equipped from the factory with a 4 shot clip. The clip was removeable to provide more ease in unloading and loading the rifle, but can also be lost. It can be ordered from the manufacturer or from other websites. Make sure you order it in the caliber you need.

Try, Jack First, or Triple K magazines

It is important to have ammunition if one is going to own a weapon. Many Magazine clips can be bought at the manufacturing stores, or found in stores online.

Are you talking about the clip to load rounds into the magazine, or the magazine itself? It is a magazine, not a clip.. In regards to the clip, the answer will be yes. In regards to the magazine, the answer is no - the SKS-M uses a detachable AK magazine.

Yes, I am using a 308 and a 243 clip in my 1954 760 in 35 Remington.

Magazine, not clip. Hence, the button you refer to is known as the magazine release.

No such thing ans a "magazine clip". If you want a magazine for it, contact S&W or your nearest gun shop.

The magazine is the clip that slides into a firearm that holds the ammunition

I have (2) 760 Rem. .222 magazine clips in excellent condition. $ 75.00 each plus actual shipping. Phone: 814-225-4512

Magazine, not clip, and yes.

While some people use the terms interchangeably, the proper term IS magazine, Magazine comes from a French word for storage. A clip holds cartridges, so that they may be quickly loaded INTO the magazine. Example- an AR 15 rifle may have ammunition loaded in 10 round "clips". The cartridges are pushed from the clip into the magazine. The MAGAZINE is then loaded into the rifle. However, some rifles, such as the M1 Garand, used an "en bloc" clip. This held the cartridges, and the entire clip was inserted into the rifle magazine. Confused now?

You dont deserve the gun or magazine if you call a magazine a clip.

Well, which one are you looking for? A magazine or a clip? They're not the same thing... Either one, you can typically find at gun shops.

Try this link, they seem to have about every caliber magazine for the 788. Copy and paste.

You won't, because it doesn't use clips, it uses magazines. Sounds picky, but, there are weapons that use clips, not magazines. Here is the basic difference, a magazine is a container which holds ammunition, while a clip holds ammunition in place when outside the magazine, and in some weapons with an internal magazine as well. For example, the M1 Garand has an internal magazine that you load with a clip that stays in the weapon until the last round is fired and then it is ejected. The M1903 Springfield has an internal magazine that can be loaded via a clip, but, the clip does not go into the magazine. The M16 has a magazine that goes into the magazine well of the weapon. You can load the magazine with a clip, but, the magazine has to be out of the weapon to do this. Try for magazines.

M4's use a Magazine to feed the bb's into the weapon. A clip is a holder of ammo that is not spring fed, a magazine is. so what "clip" are you referring to for what model m4 & who makes it?

Clip is a mosnomer for magazine, which is the part of the gun that holds the bbs, and feeds them into the gun.

i have a 514 bolt and it does not have a magazine it is just a one shooter no clip or magazine

The term "magazine fed" indicates that items or materials are being supplied by a separate or detachable compartment (magazine). The most common use is in firearms, where the magazine is an ammunition clip or case, which can be replaced with another when empty. --------------------------------------------------------------------- While the above is mostly accurate, the magazine doesn't have to be detachable to be magazine fed. A lot of bolt action and lever action rifles used a non-detachable magazine (never a clip - a clip is a loading device, not a feeding device) and are also magazine fed.

No. It takes a magazine.

The Marlin 780 dosent use a clip, it uses a magazine. You can get these from

First it is Beretta, second, it is a magazine, not a clip. There are several different 9mm models made by Beretta- it will use the magazine made for that model.

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