Will a stop sign ticket from Oregon show up when you get your Nevada drivers license?

Unless the ticket was written on a local ordinance, then it is handled locally. "IDACS" (in the state of Indiana)is a system that tracks and logs peoples driving records. Most states have their own version of "IDACS" which in many cases is tied to other states. This is why it's possible for insurance companies to find out your driving record as well as the BMV of another state when applying for a new license. Not all states have this capability as of yet. This is why we find people with a valid Indiana drivers license and whose driving privelages are suspended in a neighboring state. There is an agreement between states known as an "Interstate driving compact". This compact generally states that all states in the compact agree to honor each others suspensions and report such to each other. The "AAA" has an informative book published each year for its members that explain the traffic laws and licensing requirements of all the states.