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It depends on how agressive your swordtail is.

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Which fish get on well with guppies?

Well in my tank, ive got 5 guppies (2 male 3 female) 5 neon tetras (will nip bigger fishes tails if not fed properly) 1 golden swordtail and a Mandy so those other three types of fish will get on well! :P But ask your local pet shop just to be sure. P.S U can't put in Bala Sharks they will nip the tails :P

What fish are compatible with guppies?

Guppies are livebearers, so the place to start is with other livebearers. Guppies will happily enjoy living with platies, swordtails, and mollies. Other possible fish that you can put them with include tetras and danios. Choose small fish that won't prey on the guppies, and do not choose any fish with impressive fins-the guppies may nip them.

Which fish are better mollies or guppies?

Guppies would show a lot of different colours whereas the molly doesn't have as many colours as the guppy. Guppies and mollies however are said to be delicate fish so you must be careful what you put in your tank. Male fighting fish would think the brightly coloured guppy tails are other male fighting fish and would try and fight them. Mollies would tend to nip at fish with long fins. Both mollies and guppies are friendly. They are both active and eat a lot.

What fish get along with mosqutio fish?

Although they are listed as peaceful, they have been known to nip the fins of guppies when placed together. They are best to have a tank to themselves

What fish can you put in a tank with axolotls?

you can put guppies, platies, and zebra danios/glofish. those are about the only fish that will not nip at the axos gills and wont get eaten by the axos

Do male guppies live ok with female guppies?

Yes, male guppies can live with females, its just if you don't mind getting a ton of babies. but occasionally the females might nip at his tail. that's rare the male will sometimes damage there tails yes but its not the females its the when the males are chasing the females they sometimes get clumsy so they get splits in there tails, but this can also be a sing of diseases in your tank so watch out.

Why would one fish peck another fish?

Some fish (for example guppies) have long wavy fins, some other fish such as mollys like to nip at these fins, if your fish are doing this then it would probably be best to buy another tank and separate them.

Does neon tetra fish eat guppies?

No, probably not. They're just as small/ smaller than guppies... however... The Neons are a shoal fish and like to be kept in groups of around 6 or more. If they're in smaller groups they will be nervous and would probably nip on the guppies fins. If the fin nipping becomes serious enough the guppy could die.

Do rainbow sharks kill mollies and guppies?

They can nip the guppies fins and rip them and then they will get an infection. You also need at least 30 gallon tank.

How do you keep fantail fish?

they only grow to the size of their tanks, so if you only have a small tank they will stay small. you need water treatments (one to equalise the bad stuff and one to add fish friendly stuff) and they will nip other fish and fan tails get nipped at my normal ones. they think the tails are food :) fish look after themselves, just change the water

Why does my male guppy flutter and nip at another guppy guppies?

By 'Guppy Guppies' Im assuming you mean Fry? (Which is baby Guppies) If the male is nipping or chasing them then remove them from that tank to another tank because your male is trying to kill them. If you leave the Fry in the main tank, they will almost certainly die.

Does it matter if a fresh water bass has a red tail?

Red tails on bass usually indicate spawning behavior. Males nip the tails of females to induce egg laying.

Can you keep tiger barbs and guppies together?

I wouldnt. Tiger barbs are notorious fin nippers and may nip the little guppy's long fins.

Can fire-bellied toads live with fish?

Yes IF - you have enough water so the toxins from the toads don't kill them - the fish can survive in the same temperature range as the toads - the fish are going to eat or nip at the toads -the poison will not kill or make the other fish ill at contact such as a healthy Betta fish. Lots of people keep feeder guppies with their toads. Sometimes the toads catch them. But is very rare. Mine didn't catch them.

Do angelfish get along with tiger barbs?

no the barbs will nip the fins of the angel fish

Can red velvet swordtails eat each other?

Adults can't eat each other, but might nip at each other fins and actually tear off small parts of the fin that they might then eat. Any swordtail will eat baby swordtails (or any other baby fish) if it can fit the baby in it's mouth.

Can Siamese fighting fish live with angelfish?

Angelfish will likely pick and nip at fighting fish if put in the same aquarium.

Will an albino tiger barb fish attack a fighting fish?

yes, they are fin nippers and they'll love to nip on your bettas fish until it dies

Why do fantail fish chase and nip each other?

Because they like each other:]

Can you put an goldfish and an Oscar fish together?

No! Oscars are agressive. They will eat or nip at your goldfish

What can guppys live with?

Guppies are very peaceful fish, and although they may eat baby fish, they will not harm other adult fish. However, there are some species they are incompatible with because the guppies could get hurt.Obviously, since guppies are small, all predatory species are out. So no cichlids other than dwarfs (kribensis, rams, apistogrammas etc), no predatory catfish, and no butterflyfish etc.Because guppies generally have long, flowing fins, it is inadvisable to keep them with fin nipping species. This means that you should not keep guppies with barbs or tetras. There are some species of tetra that usually do not nip fins, for example the ember tetra, provided they are kept in schools of eight or more. Do your research - if you want to try to keep guppies and tetras in the same tank, make sure your tetra species are not known fin nippers.If you are keeping 'wild' guppies (often confused with Endler's livebearer, although the two are not the same thing - but this applies if you're keeping Endlers as well) or a guppy strain with short fins, then keeping them with nippy fish is fine.You also need to be careful with the sex ratio of guppies themselves - males will stress females by harassing them to mate, so keep either all males, all females, or three (or more) females to every male in a mixed sex tank.If it's not on this list, use your common sense: most peaceful community fish are good tankmates for guppies.

Are betta fish compatible with other fish?

some fish. try not to put aggressive fish with them because the might nip at it's tail. i also heard that Opaline gourami is good

Fighter fish live with other fish?

Siamese fighters (Betta splendens) do well in community tanks provided the other fish are peacefull and don't fin nip.

Can harlequin rasboras and black skirt tetras and platys and guppies live together?

Platys and black skirt tetras can live together. Harlequin rasboras, platys, and guppies are smaller than black skirt tetras and would do well together. However, the black skirts nip at fins, so if you have fancy tail guppies it is not recomended to put them in a smaller tank together.

What are fin nipper fish?

Any fish that 'nips'/bites the fins of others is called a 'fin nipper' This often occurs in community tanks particularly when some slow moving fish like Bettas are nipped by swift movers like Tiger Barbs. Even guppies have been known to nip fins. Some experienced aquarists believe this behaviour can often be put down to a poor diet lacking in protein.