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Not usually, unless you inserted it incorrectly.

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2012-04-11 04:45:55
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Q: Will a tampon make your uti hurt worse?
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Can you wear a tampon to go swimming with a uti?

As long as it's comfortable, there's no harm in wearing a tampon while swimming with a UTI. If it's uncomfortable, change your plans.

Why can't drink caffeine with a uti?

Coffee and tea may irritate the bladder more with UTI and cause more discomfort. They don't cause UTI, but they can make you feel worse (as can alcohol).

Can a UTI make men sterile?

uti infection complication is sterile

Why does your Penis hurt when you urinate?

go see a doctor. that's a symptom of UTI or STD.

What you should do if you think you left a tampon in for too long and now always have sudden urge to go to the bathroom?

If you think that you left a tampon in then first thing is to check for that tampon, if you struggle to reach into your vagina then get into a squatting position and push down. Remove the tampon straight away and don't use tampons for the rest of that cycle to give your vagina a chance to clean itself. If you have constant urge to urinate and/or you experience pain when you urinate you may have a urinary tract infection (UTI), a tampon left too long shouldn't cause this but if you think you may have a UTI or you notice any symptoms of vaginal infection you should see a doctor.

What is wrong if you constantly feel like you have to go to the bathroom but not much comes out?

You probably have an urinary tract infection (UTI). Usually with an UTI, your back or sides hurt as well.

What part of your back hurts if one has a UTI?

Your kidneys might hurt. They are on either side of your spine just above your hips. Of course, you might still have a UTI even if you don't have back pain.

Why does my urine hurt when I have a cold?

If you mean that it hurts to urinate when you have a cold, then this doesn't make sense. The genitourinary tract is separate from the systems that are affected when you have a cold. A UTI, which is an infection of the urinary tract, develops when bacteria enters and goes into your ureters as well as your bladder. A cold does not cause this to happen. My guess is that you have a UTI coincidentally at the same time that you have a cold. You may be more apt to develop a UTI if your immune system is suppressed, which it is slightly when you have a cold. This could be the link that makes you have a UTI and a cold at the same time. If you do have a UTI you need to be put on antibiotic therapy as soon as possible. A cold can clear on its own, a UTI cannot.

Can uti pills make your urine orange?


What can you take for a UTI?

Cranberry juice helps, as well as over the counter medicines, but if it gets worse contact your doctor and they will prescribe you something.

How much money can you make after going to UTI?

Please don't go to UTI. I went to UTI and am now making 11/hr. Choose ANYTHING else besides a career in the automotive industry at this time!

Can you bleed from a uti?

It is not unusual to having blood in your urine if you have a UTI. This blood may be microscopic, or it may be enough to make your urine look bloody.

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