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Usually it is before you start your period if you have missed your period an you are sexually active then you should take a pregnancy test Hun.

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Yes, just like the rest of your body.

Get pregnant or go out in the snow and rub a snow ball on your nipples

No because it can will make have uterine contraction.

No--tanning in a stand up bed is actually less harmful to a baby when you compare it to tanning in a lay down bed. Make sure to get a doctors consent before tanning in a bed while pregnant though.

No. Missing your period means youre pregnant which is caused from sex.

Tender nipples can be an early sign of pregnancy, and if you have not yet missed a period, it may be too early for a home pregnancy test to detect the pregnancy hormone. Tender breasts can also occur right before periods, especially if you are on birth control pills or take a lot of caffeine. Your tender nipples could also have a very simple and mundane explanation -- friction from rubbing on your clothing. Certainly if your period is late you should do another pregnancy test. If you get your period and the tender nipples do not go away, even if you decrease caffeine and make sure your clothing is not rubbing, then see your doctor for an evaluation. Tender nipples by themselves are not a sign of anything serious, but any new symptom such as discharge or crusty, red or scabs on the nipple should always be checked out by your own doctor.

The UV light from a tanning bed cannot harm the unborn baby. UV light doesn't penetrate deep enough. BUT Tanning while pregnant is not something you should because of the heat factor. Just like you should not go into a hot tub when should not tan when pregnant either. A tanning bed creates alot of heat...that heat can make you(and your baby) uncomfortable. Anything that makes your baby uncomfortable is something you want to stay away from...just to be safe.

Of course. Nipples do not appear or disappear, the only factor is on some species pregnancy might make them appear more prominent.

The most obvious answer would be because it is a pregnant bitch. If she is not pregnant, she could have recently had a heat cycle or be nearing the period when she is in heat. Her hormones make the nipples protrude and swell more than normal, changing their shape, hardness, and texture slightly.

it was my boobs that hurt more than my nipples in the beginning. around four to five weeks pregnant the base of my breasts ached to the point of massaging them to make them feel better.

First of all, Tanning beds are BAD for your skin. It can make you older, it can make you get wrinkels, it can make you get skin cancer. It will enchance the hickey, to make more NOTICEABLE! Don't do it!

The same way you make a guy's nipples hard.

Nipples will darken during pregnancy.

If you are talking about natural tanning then yep u can but unatural tanning id wait a bit just to make sure

Hormones make nips hurt when pressed.....or maybe u r pregnant! Because you're applying pressure on it.

Plexiglass is used to make the bed portoin of the tanning bed.

most likely not but make sure to get good prenatal care if you are pregnant

you can not make them smaller.

the tender chicken nuggets were so tender, juicy, and of course, delicious!

The genetical factors are the things that make the nipples for the boys bigger.

Yes you can but keep tanning lotions away from the nipples and piercings. Tanning causes the tissue or skin to tighten to guard from the UV light, tanning lotions cause the skin to relax allowing more melanin to come to the surface and the skin to darken in color. This relaxing and contracting or the skin toughens it and will over time make the skin tough almost like leather. After tanning I would recommend you rinse the piercings under running water or in the shower your choice. Other than that Happy Piercings.

You definitely could be pregnant. It might also be a sign that your period is coming soon. Or you might want to et your breasts checked up on to make sure you don't have an infection or anything.

Tanning accelerators DO help quicken the tanning process. Dry skin will reflect the UV rays that make you tan. By using the accelerator, the UV rays get absrbed into the skin, making you tan faster. TANNING WITHOUT LOTIONS IN A TANNING BED IS A WASTE OF TANNING TIME AND MONEY!

Breastfeeding can make a womans nipples REALLY long!

Most tanning bed manufacturers offer a special cleaner to clean your tanning bed with. Spray it on, wipe down thoroughly, and make sure you get BOTH sides of the tanning bed.