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Q: Will a transmission from a 94 Camaro interchange with a 97 Camaro?
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Will a 97 Camaro z28 door fit a 94 Camaro z28?


What year models Camaro doors will interchange to fit your 1996 Camaro?

should be 93-97 camaro. i don't believe firebird/trans ams will work

Will a 3.4 v6 in a 94 camaro fit in a 97 camaro wit a 3.8 in it?

YES it will bolt right in there.

Will a 94 jeep transmission fit into a 97?


Will a auto transmission out of a 97 trans am v6 fit in a 94 firebird v8 auto transmissin if not what will fit?

yesAnswerSurely it will NOT. 94 V8 Automatic needs 94-97 V8 Transmission from Camaro, Firebird or Caprice (4L60E). AnswerFor you above me.. the v6 and v8 share a 4L60E transmission... YES they will fit. The auto is kept in check by the rear gear... The 4L60E is nothing more than a 4L60E

Will an automatic transmission from a 97 Laredo fit in a 94 Cherokee?


Will a transmission from a 97 eldorado fit in a 94 Seville?


Are the front driver seat on a 93 ford areostar enterchangeable with the same van 94 through 97?

i can tell you for sure that they will interchange with a 94!

How to check what Automatic Transmission is in my car?

i have a 97 Chevy camaro i need to know what kind of transmission came in it

You are needing a transmission for a 97 Dodge Grand Caravan 3.3 what other years can interchange with this?


What will interchange with a 1997 Cavalier 2.4 transmission?

Nothing will.Only a 97 will work in a 97.Trust me,I have been there twice.Salvage yards will say the same.

Can 94 z28 Camaro seats be interchanged with 97 z28 Camaro seats?

yes it should bolt right in, if not just switch the bracket on the bottom of the seat

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