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Will ac still work if you bypass the heater hoses on a 1998 ford expedition?


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did the heater core start leaking? anyway you should have no problem with the air if you bypass the heater core.


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If you bypass the heater core the air temperature coming into the vehicle will not be increased ( so no )

It's not a job for a novice-it's in the dash so the whole thing has to come apart to get to it. You can see where it is by location of hoses on other side if you want to try it. Until it is fixed, you can couple the hoses together to bypass and still use the car. Everything but the heater will work.

all you need to do is disconnect the hoses from the heater core first. this may be somewhat difficult depending on mileage and how well the cooling system has been taken care of. but i assume it has not because you obviously have a heater core leaking. after you get them disconnected cut off the two ends and insert a plastic or metal pipe of somesort and install the ends of the hoses onto both ends of the pipe. then install two hose clamps on both ends to seal them. now this will ruin both hoses and they will need to be replaced upon replacement of the heater core. also this will not cause any problems with the cooling system by doing this. you do not even have to worry if the hoses are kinked at all. the coolant will still flow through the engine just fine. On my 2000 expedition , there are quick disconnects at the hoses going into the fire wall. There is a special toll to disconnect them, but most times you don't need it. this will save your hoses when putting back a new heater core. NOTE: I did not answer this question. I just added the part with the quick disconnects,,,Tom Wade...

yes. You would need to bypass the heater core in order for your coolant to still circulate properly. Check with your locat auto parts store. Some stores actually sell a bypass hose designed for this application. If not, you just need to connect your inlet and outlet hoses at the heater core together so it will circulate. Most auto parts stores will have a barbed fitting to connect them.

Well … These are the two answers I got from other websites. Regarding; if I bypass the heater core will the rear heater still work 1. It depends if they have the optional rear heat/air. If so they have 2. 2. My 94 E-150 5.8L with optional rear seat Heat & A/C had a separate unit under the chassis - just about where the 2nd row started. I figure I would share them. Happy New Years… Al

Interior heat uses the engine heat. If the engine is still cold, the heater will blow cold. If the engine is warm and the heater is blowing cold, you have a problem with the heater. Check the water in the radiator and see if it is rusty. If it is rusty, change your coolant, thermostat, and hoses. Look at the heater hoses when someone steps down on the gas pedal. If a hose collapses, replace your heater hoses. Otherwise take it to a mechanic.

Yes, as long as you connect the incoming and outgoing heater hoses that were connected to the heater core together. You will not have a functioning heater or defroster but otherwise it will be fine to drive.

Could have a clogged line feeding the heater core. Disconnect return hoses from the heater core and verify coolant is flowing through the core.

Yes. Connect the two heater core hoses going into the firewall together and bypass the heater core altogether. Cut a piece off a metal broomstick about 4 inches long and attach each end of the hoses to the cut tube and tighten the hose clamps. You'll have no heat in the car but the antifreeze will still keep your engine from over heating. Fix the heater core as soon as possible.

With the vehicle warmed up and running feel both heater hoses with your hands. If one is hot and the other is luke warm or cold, the heater core needs to be flushed by itself. Flushing the whole system doesn't unclog the heater core. Disconnect both heater hoses from the engine, fabricate a fitting to attach a garden hose to one of the hoses. Direct the other hose into a container and gently turn on the water until the water runs clear, then reverse hoses and run again until clear. Reattach hoses to engine and refill reservoir.

This is a common complaint with mk2 Golfs, most of which were fitted with a heater matrix bypass valves to prevent the heater matrix from bursting under certain conditions. These bypass valves can fail, cutting off supply to the heater matrix resulting in no heat. Either replace the valves or remove them and fit a heater matrix from a mk3 Golf. These are stronger units and don't require bypass valves.

There may have been some water left in the heater core when you disconnected both hoses at the firewall. I can't think of any other explanation since there is no water circulating through the heater core.

With the engine warmed up and running, open the hood and locate the two heater hoses. Feel the hoses one at a time. If one is hot and the other is not so hot or cool, you have a plugged heater core. Try flushing the heater core. If both hoses are hot, you probably have a failed temp blend door actuator.

Check the heater hoses on the right side of the engine. If one hose is hot and the other is not , you might have a blocked heater core. Or the blend door actuator might not be operating correctly.

You wil lose coolant into the car. You can just loop the heater hose back to the motor where it goes into the firewall. Where ever the two heater hoses come out of the motor can be connected together or get a splice and hook the two hoses together where they now connect to the heater core at the firewall. You won't have any heat, but it won't leak either. Does not affect the running of the car.

It could be a number of things, depending on what kind of car you have depends on some components that could be the cause of the problem. First thing I would check is heater hoses/heater core, if both the hoses are hot with the car warmed up and the heater on, then that eliminates blockages in the heater core/ hoses. If they are not both hot, then you may have a blockage in the hoses/core, or a faulty heater valve or controller. Another thing that may be the problem, is the blend door actuator, it controls how much hot/cold is allowed to enter the passenger compartment. That's most of the heating system for most vehicles. If you still cant figure it out, then its probably time to take it in for service.

sometimes hoses and components such as heater units etc blow when the head gasget is on the way out

What about the blend door itself? They are known to break loose from the shaft they mount to. Also, with the engine running and fully warmed up, feel both heater hoses as they enter the heater core from under the hood, they should both be quite hot (180+ degrees F). If one is hot/warm and the other is warm/cold, the heater core may be blocked/plugged. If that is the case give the heater core a good flush with the garden hose. If both heater hoses are hot, you still have a blend door problem as stated above. If both heater hoses are cold, you may have a stuck open thermostat or you are very low on coolant. See "Related Questions" below for more

this is the second motor in this car with the same radiator/hoses and still no heat. can the heater core be a problem or maybe the radiator hoses?the car does not over heat.or can it be the part bolted onto the fire wall where the hose goes into?someone please help me.

you should check to see that heater hoses are connected through the fire wall and they are connected to the heater core.

You have to bypass it then you can. SInce it's part of cooling system, bad usually means leaks (most likely into interior) meaning it will also overheat car very quickly from loss of coolant and no pressurization. Connect (2) hoses going into firewall together then adjust coolant level then drive.

# Disconnect negative battery cable # Drain the cooling system # Working in the engine compartment disconnect the heater hoses from theheater control valve # Remove instrument panel and the center console # Remove the heater controls and disconnect the heater hoses under the dash where they connect to the heater core # Label and detach the air ducts,wiring and controls still attached to heating unit # Unbolt the heating unit and detach it from the car # Remove the screws and clips and separate the two halves of the housing.Take out the old heater core and install new unit

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