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Not really, but, because it is a closed system with engine vacuum involved, it could affect the operation of the vehicle. NO Unless you get rain water in the gas, But it may cause the check engine light to come on Still not a good thing to do.

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Battery is dead when accidentally leaving lights on?

normal just recharge it

How do you get a stain out of a comforter after leaving a hot iron accidentally?

That's not a stain, it's a scorch and probably impossible to remove.

Can you keep CO2 in your bb gun?

Not really. It will leak out eventually. Besides by leaving a charged C02 cylinder in the pistol keeps pressure on the seal and this may damage it over time. I always take the cylinder out of the pistol when I am finished shooting. No matter how much C02 is left int the cylinder. It doesn't cost that much to put a new Cylinder in the pistol when I want to use it again. Besides leaving it in the pistol will eventually reform the seal. I want it to return to a normal shape between shooting sessions. Is it cheaper to buy a new cylinder or have the pistol repaired because the seal is warped.

Can you be arrested for accidentally hitting an unattended parked car and then leaving?

Yes. If you cause any damage with your car, accidentally or intentionally, you are required, at minimum, to leave a note at the scene identifying yourself and providing a way for the injured party to contact you.

How do you can you get rid of a mean hamster?

either (A) "accidentally" kill it by forgetting to feed it . or (B) Seeing if any ones interested in adopting it, by leaving out that its mean.

Can leaving coca cola in a car long enough cause it to explode?

Yes it can explode if it gets hot enough in the car--I have tested this myself, accidentally....

What is the connection between Harry Potter and Tom Riddle?

Tom Riddle is Lord Voldemort. When Voldemort tried to kill Harry, he accidentally turned him into a Horcrux, leaving Harry and Voldemort with a connection. This is why Harry can speak Parseltongue and why, in later books, he can feel Voldemort's emotions.

Are nickels ever accidentally made of copper?

Actually, nickels are ALWAYS made of copper. 75% being copper, and only leaving 25% for the actual nickel.

What is the difference between immigrate and migration?

Migrate is leaving people leaving the country. Immigrate is people entering the country.

What is the anti polishing ring?

Anti-polishing rings are used to prevent carbon build-up in the cylinder liner. The carbon polishes the cylinder liner leaving it with a smooth surface. A smooth cylinder liner is bad because the lube oil won't be able to stick to the liner.

Different between cube and cylinder in concrete compressive test?

The difference in compressive strength is due to the difference between the modulus of elasticity of concrete and that of the steel which is used to apply the compressive force on the concrete. The pressure applies a lateral confinement pressure which is equal to d/3 meaning that for the cylinder, 2d/3 is confined leaving d/3 unconfined whereas for the cylinder 2d/3 is confined means all of the cube is confined. This leads to the cube having a higher compressive strength that the cylinder. For more information, try to read about the triaxial test and the effect of confinement on the compressive strength of soil samples.

Does leprosy leave permnent damage?

Yes, leprosy causes permanent loss of feeling in limbs, leaving the person more vulnerable to accidentally hurting themselves. This can cause permanent damage.

What is the difference between being kidnapped and leaving home?

Nothing but kalakkal

Should you turn your hot water cylinder off when on holiday?

according to my energy provider--you should if you are leaving home for more than 1 week.

Should you charge your iPod on or off?

Either way, your iPod still charges. It doesn't change either way, but I would recommend leaving it off, just in case it accidentally unplugs. Does that answer your question? :)

How can you change your question without leaving the original and if not possible how can you rejoin your original question to the new and improved question that was accidentally separated?

The blue sidebar contains an "Improve question" option. Just click on it.

What is auto lock on mk3 mondeo?

If you unlock the car but do not switch the ignition on within about 30 seconds, auto-lock will lock the doors again. It's a feature to stop you accidentally leaving your car unlocked

explain how substances are exchanged between the blood entering the nephron and the filtrate leaving the collecting duct?

You just broke my brain cells

What is the difference between a burp and a belch?

A burp tends to be a small amount of gas leaving your stomach while a belch is a larger amount of gas leaving the stomach.

What is the white line next to the foul line in the MLB?

It's the base running line. As the batter runs towards first base, s/he must stay between those two lines. This prevents the batter, when running towards first base, from "accidentally" getting between the first baseman and the person with the ball; and thus "unintentionally" interfering with the throw to first. Check the event starting about 6:50 into the video below -- it shows a runner leaving these lines and "accidentally" getting in the way of such a throw. Incredibly, the umps didn't call the play -- they blew it on the winning run of a World Series game!

What is the difference between apparation and disapparation?

apparation means going, disapparation means leaving.

When did sasori became a puppet?

not mentioned only between time in akatski and leaving the sand

What is the difference between aparating and disaparating in Harry Potter?

Apparating is appearing, disapparating is leaving.

The shortest route between South America and Africa would have you leaving from which South American nation?

The shortest route between South America and Africa would have you leaving from the nation of Brazil. Brazil remained a Portuguese colony until 1808.

The difference between money coming into a country and money leaving a country is called?

balance of payments