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Yes, acid will decompose a dead animal in a roof vent pipe. Lye or refined lye caustic soda will dissolve organic materials without hurting the pipes. But the best way to remove the obstruction would be the hook end of a coat hanger, the retriever head of a sewer snake, or the treble hook of a strong cord.

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Q: Will acid decompose a dead animal in a roof vent pipe?
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Can you use muriatic acid without dilluting it to unclog PVC drain pipe?

Muriatic acid is a very dangerous type of acid. You need to wear gloves and protective eye goggles when using it. No, you cannot use muriatic acid without diluting it to unclog a PVC drain pipe.

Is a pipe fish an animal?

Yes. It is an aquatic animal that lives underwater. There are different breeds of it like the ghost pipe fish. There are over 200 breeds of it.

Where does a pipe rust faster above soil or below soil?

What kind of pipe? Is this area exposed to acid rain?

Will muriatic acid unclog sewer pipes?

No, it will destroy the pipe

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Do you have to use sulfuric acid to clean out a sewer pipe or can you use muriatic acid?

= sulfuric acid VERY rare but it is used and with lots of caution... Muriatic acid DILUTED for concrete cleaning etc. =

Advantages of Acid-resistant cast-iron pipe?

Durion is great for most acid system wastes Urine is highly acidic and will eventually eat through cast-iron pipe. Acid-resistant cast-iron would last longer. There are also laboratories and factories that flush highly acidic solutions down the drain and this would be another practical use for this product.They make glass pipe to use for special applications. Glass pipe does not deteriorate.

What is a pipe dead end system?

Its kind of joints pipe (branch) to the primairly pipe causing blockege due to cold weather (frozen) or due to debris and sluges accumalations

Will hydrochloric acid attack PVC pipe?

No, PVC is quite resistant to chemical attack. If you use the acid properly, you shouldn't have to worry about it at all.

Why lead pipe is preferred over iron pipe?

Acid resistant and does not rust and is installed by only professionals and lead lasts and lasts and very easy to repair

Is Phloem is a pipe made of the cell wall of dead cells?

no, that's xylem

What is the Mixing ratio for safe use of muriatic acid in PVC drain pipes?

PVC pipe is not affected by acid. Why would you pour acid down your drain in the first place? It will not cure any problem you have.

What removes rust stains from in ground fiberglass pool?

Oxalic acid. Place it directly on top of the stain. This can be done with a section of PVC pipe. Put the pipe on top of the stain and pour the oxalic acid down the pipe and let it sit there for a few hours. You will have to find it at a chemical supply source in your area as pool stores do not carry it. I had a large commercial pool with a fibreglass liner that had thousands of rust stains caused by shot blasting the deck and doing the pipe thing was impractical so I shut off the equipment for 24 hours and broadcast the oxalic acid over the stained areas.

How do you remove solidified caustic soda from a waste pipe?

Very Carefully! :) Use dilute acid.(the process is faster when you use strong acid). Attention: Use proper googles and safety globes.

Why is copper sulfate better than Muriatic Acid to remove root growth?

Because the muriatic acid will eat everything else up too, including your pipe!!!

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If you have access, you can try tapping on the pipe with a little hammer or screwdriver handle. An unfrozen pipe should sound a little bit hollow, and the frozen spot(s) should sound dead in comparison.

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no it wont the acid will stop it rusting xxx

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When etching concrete on basement steps will muriatic acid eat through the drain pipe at the bottom of the steps?


I have a housewide problem with calcium buildup in my PVC pipe and I need to know how to get rid of it?

simple... 1. flush with some Hydro Chloric Acid.... marketed generally as toilet acid

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