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No. Only those companies with with you have an outstanding balance and are not paying will close the accounts. However, seven credit cards is above the average number. You may want to think about closing several accounts and paying down the rest. * Maybe. If the issuer decides that the account holder is becoming a financial risk they do have options available such as lowering the account holder's credit limit, raising interest rates, closing the account, etc.

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Can having to many credit cards with no credit balances reduce your credit score?

{| |- | Your overall credit history will determine how your credit is affected by having numerous credit cards. However, having an overabundance of credit cards with high balances or credit availability can negatively impact risk scores if your credit history is questionable. |}

Which credit cards offer 0 transfer balances?

Both Visa and Discover offer credit cards with 0 transfer balances. However, these cards are not standard and you will have to apply for the specific card with 0 transfer balance.

What benefits are offered by the balance credit cards?

Balance credit cards are those that allow the holder to transfer balances (debt) from other credit cards to this one. Since these credit cards usually come with a promotion that includes several months of no interest payments, they can be used to consolidate and pay off other credit card balances. The balances must be paid during the promotional period for this to be of benefit. Managing and paying off debt this way, saves money and improves one's credit score. These are the benefits of balance credit cards.

Why do you have to have credit cards with balances on them to get a mortgage?

to show how repsonsible you are at paying your bills

Will it affect your credit rating and score if you have 5 credit cards but use only one and neglect the other four cards?

== == Your overall credit history will determine how your credit is affected by having numerous credit cards. However, having an overabundance of credit cards with high balances or credit availability can negatively impact risk scores if your credit history is questionable. == == == ==

What happens if i default into pay my credit card bill?

This could damage your credit score. It will be harder for you to get credit cards or loans in the future.

Is 755 a good credit score?

Yes, you probably pay your bills on time, have low balances on your cards and have long established credit

Am I still allowed credit cards after bankruptcy?

Yes, it is still possible to get a credit card after bankruptcy. "Secure" credit cards require you to place a security deposit down in the event of default, but they are a good way of rebuilding your credit.

What is the process of a transfer of balances between two credit cards?

When one transfers a balance between credit cards, it is the same idea as using one credit card to pay the bill on another credit card. One can do this electronically for some cards or use the checks that often come with the credit card statement.

If you have no late payments on your credit cards is it bad to completely pay off your balances?

Keep the balances paid off to avoid interest charges. They can eat you up.

How will your credit score be affected when the bankruptcy drops off?

That depends on, what's on your credit bureau file. The score will look at the age of your credit cards, balances and payment history

What happens if you never paying credit card debt?

You are likely to have your wages garnished. Your credit cards will be cancelled and liens may be placed on property.

Could you get a credit card with a 528 score?

probably not, because your consider high risk to the merchant/lender. you probably have some high balances, slow payments and too many active credit cards or/and new credit cards

What are some steps to build credit history in the shortest time?

To build credit history quickly, take out a new credit card and pay off the balance each month. Also, make sure you do not have any balances on major credit cards or store credit cards.

When consolidating credit cards is it better to wait until they have zero balances then the credit report will say Closed For Consolidation NOT just Closed By Individual?

Remember if you closed these credit cards, your credit score will take a big hit! Its best to just keep the balance open but don't use the cards anymore.

Do returns effect your credit history?

No - no more than the balance of your credit card does. Individual returns are not reflected on your credit report, only the balances of cards, high limits, etc.

How can one rebuild a credit rating?

Simple steps can be taken to improve one's credit score. Pay one's bills on time and keep balances low on credit cards. Do not apply for unneeded credit cards and protect one's information from being used fraudulently.

What are some good credit cards for people who have no credit?

There are various companies that have special credit cards to help you build your credit. Most companies offer secured credit cards, that would be your best bet to build your credit rating.

What credit cards offer 0 balance transfers on balances from other accounts?

Many credit cards offer 0% on balance transfers from other accounts. Some of these credit cards include the Citi Simplicity Visa Card, Citi Diamond Preferred Card, Discover it, and Chase Freedom Visa.

How do you raise credit score?

Pay your bills on time, keep the balances on your credit cards low, establish a long length of history (don't close old accounts).

Is 792 a good credit score?

It's above average store, usually this type of consumer has estabished credit cards, low balances and usually pays in full

How do you find out if someone is using credit cards of a deceased person?

The most obvious way would be to check the statements for usage. And all credit cards should be notified as soon as possible of the death of the holder and the accounts cancelled.

What happens if i do not pay off my credit cards and personal loans and avoid them for a long time?

AnswerThe past due balances will be reported to the credit agency which will ruin your credit. Bad marks on your credit can stay there for up to 7 years. Additionally, credit card and loan companies can file a lawsuit against you to collect on the balances and can then garnish your wages or take your assets.

What is the best way to get out of credit card debt?

The typical consumer has access to approximately $19,000 on all credit cards combined." If you're someone who has an unwanted credit card balance, there are ways to get out of credit card debt but you must first make the decision to stop using your cards and begin attacking the balances.

What type of credit card deals are available?

There are 0% interest credit cards available. These often offer 0% interest for a limited amount of time on balances transferred from another card. Some credit cards offer bonuses like airline miles for signing up. There are many cards with attached reward programs.