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Not all of them, but being a sociopath is partly genetic and the likelihood of sociopathic parents having sociopathic children is higher. It is even higher if both parents are sociopaths, which happens a lot as a sociopath will tend to marry another sociopath as that is the only kind of person they can relate to in anyway.

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What you learned about sociopaths?

I have learned about sociopaths that they are mainly concentrated about themselves, because they did not have caress from their parents in the childhood, since they had mean parents who taught them only to go after money and this is what they only know- who threw them out from the house- instead of making money themselves and buying the house for their children. This is how children become sociopaths and superior. Also, we are all sociopaths - but we love each other, you can definitely cure a sociopath- by constantly working with him, and concentrating him or her to a good life, instead of being manipulative and think that you are not able to cure a sociopath. It is all about work. They teach us of loving and caring for each other.

Are shrewd business people sociopaths?

Sociopaths exist in all segments of society but being a shrewd business person does not make one a sociopath.

Can you have a mild case of being a sociopath?

Yes, and it can be argued that we are all sociopaths to some extent.

Do sociopaths murder?

It is unfair to generalize all sociopaths as murderers. A sociopath is somebody with antisocial personality disorder, with diminished remorse and empathy as well as a lack of inhibition. This does not necessarily mean that a sociopath will be a sadist who enjoys hurting others.

Can someone be both a sociopath and a narcissist?

Narcissism & Sociopathy are on the same spectrum ALL Sociopaths are also Narcissists NOT all Narcissists are Sociopaths, though. The spectrum only runs one way.

How does one show love to a sociopath?

By all means be polite and civil to a sociopath, but avoid a close relationship. Sociopaths want victims and are incapable of love. They can be very destructive, and a close relationship with a sociopath is often a very damaging experience.

Can a sociopath feel sadness and shame for their lack of empathy?

A sociopath, by definition, does not empathize with the feelings of others. Psychopaths, or sociopaths, cannot experience emotional feelings for others. They can be difficult to identify, as they often possess a superficial charm. Don't try to befriend them or to cure them; this is professional work and can lead even professionals into danger. Not all sociopaths are violent, however. This is a misconstrued notion as psychopath and sociopath are medically similar.

How do people become sociopaths?

With all the 420 weed they have smoked

Is it at all possible to be a narcissistic sociopath while suffering from Munchhausen's?

Yes, it is. Many sociopaths are narcissistic by nature (i.e. caring about themselves to an extreme). Munchausen's syndrome is related to narcissism, as it is focused on attention-getting. Most sociopaths do not have Munchausen's, but most people with Munchausen's are probably sociopaths (or at least narcissists).

Are sociopaths to be written off Surely not every sociopath has every symptom?

No, not all sociopath's have every symptom, but what they do have could destroy your life and they don't care. Run...

What characteristics are necessary in a lover for a sociopath to leave his adulterous wife?

If the sociopath thinks he can bleed more out of you than his wife, that's all it will take. Sociopaths have no interest in what you want, only in what they can get. By definition they have no conscience or respect for other people's feelings, and the condition is untreatable. The important question is, what is wrong with YOU that you desire a relationship with a sociopath?

Can a sociopath be a detective?

To begin with, sociopaths come in all shapes and forms, for example, one sociopath is a killer, the next is a rapist. Some are not even criminals. The one constant among sociopaths in the apparent inability for them to truly feel human emotions such as love, remorse, and guilt. Seems to me this might make for a pretty good detective, as long as he/she doesn't display criminal behavior.

What do psychopaths or sociopaths generally suffer from?

As a result of its use by the media, the word psychopathhas become a near synonym for serial killer. The term generally used now is sociopath. Sociopaths have great difficulty learning from life, from experience; and this hampers their emotional development: they are desperately immature and very selfish. They have no respect for others. They lack a conscience; many are sadistic and, above all, they crave victims.

Can a sociopath team up with another sociopath?

It happens all of the time, especially in the criminal world. Sociopaths make up about 1% of people, and a much larger percentage (20-25%) of career criminals. So if you have a bank robbery team of 10 men, the odds are that at least one of them will be a sociopath. So, yes they can and do team up- but they are still entirely in it for themselves. I don't think there is much sociopathic loyalty or honour, they are all free agents doing whatever serves their own, personal interests best. Interestingly I did read that criminal gangs try to weed out severe sociopaths where possible because the extreme narcissism of a sociopath will result in a conflict between the wants of the sociopath and the wants of the gang as a whole.

Can a sociopath live a normal life?

Yes, they can become republican congressmen and even republican senators. LOL at the first comment. But seriously, though, most sociopaths do live normal lives. Very few actually physically abuse or kill someone. It's all mind games for them.

Who sociopaths target?

Sociopaths target everyone, really. Their lies will usually start out small, and if they get away with it, the lies will increase over time.Sociopaths might stay in 'hiding' - not showing their true colors - until someone stands between them and what they want.A.There is far more to antisocial personality disorder -- a more accurate term than sociopath -- than simply lying. For much more information, see the link below. ANSWER:To tell you the truth I am not ever sure, who this person is targeting. But I can let you talk to the man I married, his family was helping him to solved his problem with me, so they came up that I am a Sociopath. He wrote all the details about me, like a biography and my profile. So with all of this evidence that's the reason why they told the man I married that I am a Sociopath. So there it is..

Do sociopaths self harm or obssess about there love and need for another so much so they can't rationalise a relationship being over?

Incidentally, "sociopath" is a catch-all term, not a condition. The presenting conditions are narcissistic, antisocial and/or dissocial personality disorders. Sociopaths do self harm. But it's more like an internal need for relief that cracks them. Sociopaths or psychopaths have violent urges, and if these can't be vented on others they are vented on themselves. Sociopaths don't love in the traditional sense. What most people consider the sort of "final stage" of love is feeling that the other person's needs are above theirs. Sociopaths don't feel that. How ever, they can and do love certain select people to the point of obsession. They become such a part of their live, so important that the idea of not having them can be quite painful. Because sociopaths for the most part are emotionally unattatched, the shock of loosing an emotional attachment that would be painful, but not unbearable for a normal person, is magnified for a sociopath because it is so different.

Are sociopaths intelligent?

The answer to this question depends on what we mean by ''intelligent.'' In terms of academic intelligence, sociopaths can perform just as well as anyone else. There are doctors and lawyers who are sociopaths. Sociopaths often believe themselves to be of superior intelligence because they can so easily fool, manipulate and cheat non-sociopaths. The reality is that this cheating inevitably ends up costing the sociopath dearly, and many sociopaths end up in jail. At the very least they end up alienating everyone who ever might have cared for them, which is really not very smart is it? All this stems from the fact there are different types of intelligence. Sociopaths lack social intelligence and emotional intelligence, although they may be very skilled at feigning or simulating emotions to better manipulate the rest of us.

What mental illnesses display sociopath tendencies?

* Antisocial personality disorder - Psychopaths/sociopaths * Narcissistic personality disorder * Histrionic personality disorder * Schizoid personality disorder * Borderline personality disorder These all have some of the symptoms of sociopaths, there may be more but these are the ones that I currently know of. This is a good reference site: http://www.crescentlife.com/disorders/personality_disorders.htm

Do sociopaths have diabolical minds?

The overriding psychological trait of a sociopath is a complete lack of a conscience. As it is a conscience that keeps most people on the straight and narrow in the conduct of their lives, the lack of a conscience would certainly be a key to someone doing "diabolical things". Couple with a need to "win at all costs", it looks like by many standards, sociopaths can be considered to have diabolical minds.

How do you get a sociopath out of your son's life?

Unfortunately, we don't have that much control over our kids. You could let him know how you feel and get him a copy of "The Sociopath Next Door" to read. (Read it yourself first.) Beyond that, or hiring a hit man, you're pretty much powerless if he is determined. Sociopaths can be extremely charismatic, and are masters at fooling "some of the people all of the time."

How did Michael Myers become a psycho?

He was Born that way, just as all psychopaths/sociopaths are, and the way he was raised brought the worst of him out and kill.

Can a woman be a sociopath?

ANSWER:Yes a woman can become a Sociopath, even a man. This will depends on what kind of background a person have. People that become this sick has pattern and sometimes it does start when they are young. They probably got hurt, or worst so when someone become this way the only thing we all can do is medication , understanding, support, and love..

What become children of sociopath mother?

it all depends on what she does. my mother kept me out of school and seriously abused me. I'm not 18 yet so i can't tell you too much about life after moving out. it also depends on the child's original personality

Are there any famous serial killers who aren't psychopaths or sociopaths?

no most were all psychopaths or sociopaths but all of those who weren't were not famous. also the serial killers killed for a specific reason mostly related to a psychopathic or sociopaths disease.

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