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Not all of them, but being a sociopath is partly genetic and the likelihood of sociopathic parents having sociopathic children is higher. It is even higher if both parents are sociopaths, which happens a lot as a sociopath will tend to marry another sociopath as that is the only kind of person they can relate to in anyway.

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Q: Will all the children of a sociopath become sociopaths?
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What you learned about sociopaths?

I have learned about sociopaths that they are mainly concentrated about themselves, because they did not have caress from their parents in the childhood, since they had mean parents who taught them only to go after money and this is what they only know- who threw them out from the house- instead of making money themselves and buying the house for their children. This is how children become sociopaths and superior. Also, we are all sociopaths - but we love each other, you can definitely cure a sociopath- by constantly working with him, and concentrating him or her to a good life, instead of being manipulative and think that you are not able to cure a sociopath. It is all about work. They teach us of loving and caring for each other.

Can you have a mild case of being a sociopath?

Yes, and it can be argued that we are all sociopaths to some extent.

Are shrewd business people sociopaths?

Sociopaths exist in all segments of society but being a shrewd business person does not make one a sociopath.

Do sociopaths murder?

It is unfair to generalize all sociopaths as murderers. A sociopath is somebody with antisocial personality disorder, with diminished remorse and empathy as well as a lack of inhibition. This does not necessarily mean that a sociopath will be a sadist who enjoys hurting others.

Are sociopaths to be written off Surely not every sociopath has every symptom?

No, not all sociopath's have every symptom, but what they do have could destroy your life and they don't care. Run...

Can someone be both a sociopath and a narcissist?

Narcissism & Sociopathy are on the same spectrum ALL Sociopaths are also Narcissists NOT all Narcissists are Sociopaths, though. The spectrum only runs one way.

How does one show love to a sociopath?

By all means be polite and civil to a sociopath, but avoid a close relationship. Sociopaths want victims and are incapable of love. They can be very destructive, and a close relationship with a sociopath is often a very damaging experience.

How do people become sociopaths?

With all the 420 weed they have smoked

Can a sociopath feel sadness and shame for their lack of empathy?

A sociopath, by definition, does not empathize with the feelings of others. Psychopaths, or sociopaths, cannot experience emotional feelings for others. They can be difficult to identify, as they often possess a superficial charm. Don't try to befriend them or to cure them; this is professional work and can lead even professionals into danger. Not all sociopaths are violent, however. This is a misconstrued notion as psychopath and sociopath are medically similar.

Is it at all possible to be a narcissistic sociopath while suffering from Munchhausen's?

Yes, it is. Many sociopaths are narcissistic by nature (i.e. caring about themselves to an extreme). Munchausen's syndrome is related to narcissism, as it is focused on attention-getting. Most sociopaths do not have Munchausen's, but most people with Munchausen's are probably sociopaths (or at least narcissists).

What is difference between sociopaths and psychopaths?

Sociopaths are people who feel no empathy, will crush others to either advance or succeed at their own agenda. A Psychopath is someone who harbors all of the same characteristics of a sociopath only they will go to great lengths to kill.

What characteristics are necessary in a lover for a sociopath to leave his adulterous wife?

If the sociopath thinks he can bleed more out of you than his wife, that's all it will take. Sociopaths have no interest in what you want, only in what they can get. By definition they have no conscience or respect for other people's feelings, and the condition is untreatable. The important question is, what is wrong with YOU that you desire a relationship with a sociopath?

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