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Will an American PS3 guitar work on an Australian PS3 console?

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Will American n64 games work on an Australian n64 console?

American n64 games only work on a NTSC console. However Australian games and console are PAL. So they will not work.

Can you play a US Wii game on your Australian Wii console?

No, the Nintendo Wii is region locked so North American games will not work on an Australian console

Does Guitar Hero work on PS2?

You have to plug in the guitar to the console.

Will American Wii games work on an Australian Wii console?

SORRY! Only American wii games work with American wiis. Unless hacking or modding works!

Will a Australian Wii console work in the UK?

yes but the games you buy there wont, Australian wiis are PAL, whereas American and UK are NTSC

Does an American Wii game work on an Australian Wii console?

No, there format is completely different Happy Gaming

Will an American Wii game work on a Australian Wii console?

No it will not. They are different formats. American is NTSC (National Television System Commitee). Australian is PAL (Phase Alternate Line).

Can you play Australian PS3 games on North American PS3 console?

all PS3 Products will work where ever you are.

Does the guitar used for Guitar Hero III work with any of the other Guitar Heroes?

Yes, it does. As long as it's for the same console it will work. :]

Does Australian Kinect work on American xbox?

Yes, all hardware for Xbox 360 works with the console no matter where it was made or sold.

Do Guitar Hero aerosmith guitars work on Guitar Hero world tour?

Yes- all Guitar Hero guitars for a specific console are compatible with all other Guitar Hero games for the same console.

Does the guitar hero 2 controller work with rock band?

Yes It Does any guitar hero controller for any game console will work

Does a rock band guitar work on Guitar Hero aerosmith?

Yes. But, I believe it has to be a next-generation console (Ps3/360).

Do Guitar Hero 2 guitars work for every Guitar Hero?

Yes, as long as they are both for the same system/console.

Do American game saves work on Australian PS3?

It depends on the game if an American save will work on an Australian PS3. Many will not work this way.

Can the guitar from Guitar Hero 3 work on Guitar Hero world tour?

Yes. As long as the guitar is from the same console (Example : Xbox 360 guitar hero III guitars work only on Guitar hero world tour for the Xbox 360)

Is the ps3 guitar compatible with ps2?

There are some people who had claimed that their PlayStation 3 Guitar works on the PlayStation 2 console but some claimed that it does not work. Not sure whether it will work though. My opinion is: ->Ask someone from a store about it if you are buying one ->Try to use the PlayStation 3 guitar on the PlayStation 2 console and see if it will work ->If it doesn't work, buy a PlayStation 2 guitar instead or ->buy a Playstation3 console if you could afford it But I am pretty sure it'll work because is from the same manufacturer i.e (PlayStation)

Does the Guitar Hero 3 controller work on Guitar Hero world tour?

probably, because the guitar is meant to be used on other games on the same console that is.

Does Guitar Hero 3 guitar work for Guitar Hero 1 on PS?

yes, all of the guitar hero controllers are compatible within the same console. For example any guitar hero controller made for ps2 will work on any guitar hero game on ps2.

Can you play Guitar Hero warriors of rock drum to play Guitar Hero metallica?

yes, you can. all of the Guitar Hero drums will work with Guitar Hero Games, but only on the same console

Can you play UK PS3 games on an Australian PS3 console?

yes you can because Australian ps3 games are PAL, AU,NZ,UK so you can play games from UK on your Australian console i have heaps of UK games that i have purchased of the internet and they work just fine on my Australian ps3

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