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The amount of watts AVAILABLE to an appliance is not so significant as long as there are ENOUGH watts. Three things are important when determining what U.S. appliances can be used in Europe with converters: 1. Voltage. Most U.S. appliances operate on 110 volts. Your converter must be capable of delivering 110 volts to your appliance. 2. Current. Volts X Amps = Watts. It's a simple formula but it will determine whether your appliance will operate on a converter or just be frustrating. While volts is the "potential", Watts is a measurement of energy. It can be the energy the appliance uses or the energy that the converter delivers. If the appliance uses 200 Watts a 100 Watt converter will not work, either the appliance or the converter will fail. 3. HZ. While most appliances are not so fussy, some devices require that the electrical source be 60 HZ. Europe is 50 HZ and as such will cause some problems with appliances that require 60 HZ. FYI, HZ is the number of times per second that an electrical source reverses voltage. Commercial power is delivered as "alternating current", since that is the only way Transformers can function. Europe has a different standard so make sure your appliance will operate on 50 HZ before you take it all the way over there. If the appliance does not list the energy used in Watts, it should be there in Amps, so you can use the formula above to figure out the Watts that you need. Good luck, and have a nice time in Europe.

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Q: Will an American electrical appliance get ruined if fed 100 watts by a converter in Europe?
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