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Yes it will make the scooter go faster, but you could run the chance of blowing parts in the moter if you do so

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What are some things you could put on your car to make it go faster and is also street leagul?

A computer chip, mufflers, intake system and, blower (super charger), and Toyo tires

What is a blower intake for?

to get more air in to the carb, rather than having to come in from the front of the vehicle, it goes through the blower to the carb

Where is the blower Resistor 1996 GMC Sierra?

right under the intake behind the radiator

How do you make a gas truck faster?

air intake

How do you get 500 horse power out of a 350 Chevy motor?

buy a blower intake (prefer 6-71). then buy 6-71 blower, and accesories. change your stock intake put on blower and check pulley ratio to reach 500 horse from the horse your now running stock. Might help to change to alum. heads but if you dont run to much boost you will be fine

What is a used B and M 144 blower and intake worth?

Typically a good condition 144 blower used is worth about $1500 or more. It depends on if its polished or satin. Long or short nose. And what the pulley ratio is. Also what intake you have for it. Chevy, Ford, Dodge, exe. I have owned a 144 blower, nice little show piece. i sold mine for $1350 solid.

How do you remove the blower unit in a 1990 300ZX?

Hello,Here is the procedure for removing the blower unit on a 1990 300ZX. Note that it may be necessary to remove the glove box assembly to gain clearance for the blower motor removal and installation. The blower motor is located behind the glove box, facing the floor.1) Disconnect the negative battery cable.2) Remove all panels and ducting necessary to gain access to the blower motor.3) Disconnect the blower motor harness wiring connectors.4) Remove the blower motor retaining screws and lower the motor/wheel from the intake housing. On some models, release the clips that attach the blower casing to the intake5) housing to remove the blower motor.To install:1) Transfer the old blower wheel to the shaft of the new motor.2) Raise the blower/wheel assembly up and onto the intake housing. Use a new gasket, if required.3) Install the blower motor retaining screws or lock the clips.4) Connect the blower motor wiring.5) Install all ducting and panels.6) Connect the negative battery cable.7) Check the blower for proper operation at all speeds.

What Surface Makes Cars go Faster?

a surface with an air intake

Where is the carburetor on a 150cc scooter engine?

The carb is located right below the seat and only held in place by the air intake and the manifold.

Why centrifugal pump cant work on air but centrifugal blower works?

it is due to the difference in the air intake and impeller construction.


Should be located at passenger's side firewall Remove wiring Remove intake air hose Remove 3-4 small bolts at flange Remove blower motor Should be located at passenger's side firewall Remove wiring Remove intake air hose Remove 3-4 small bolts at flange Remove blower motor

Do electric superchargers work?

Superchargers run off the crankshaft of the motor and force air through the intake. There is no such thing as an electric supercharger.

1999 new beetle blower quit blowing.where is it how to replace.?

on the APH engines, it is located under the intake manifold hanging from a bracket.

Where is the intake duct for recirculated air in a 04 Buick Lesabre?

blower motor blows hot or cold air over evaporator

Does an inreased calcium intake heal a sprained ankle faster?

It will not do so. But then you have placebo effect.

How do you replace a 2001 pont blower motor?

Should be located at the passenger's side fire wall Disconnect wiring harness Disconnect the air intake tube Remove 3-4 mounting bolts Remove blower motor

Why do you breathe faster when your doing an activity?

Because your muscles require more oxygen when active, therefore, the lung must go faster to increase your intake.

Where is Holden commodore vp blower?

if the vp has a blower, it will be either on top of the engine or to the right a little. its easy to find because it has a pulley and is driven by a belt and has the air intake going into it. if you cant find it easily then it probably doesnt have 1. do a google image search on vp blower. compair the pair. get it up ya,

Will a aluminium intake give you more horsepower?

Possibly,due to the better design of most aftermarket intake manifolds Also, an aluminum intake saves about 25 lbs., so a car would be faster if it's lighter.

How can you make your Acura integra faster?

getting the engine worked on and put in a cold air intake

Marijuana in system?

for about a month depending on water intake and how much you sweat. use niacin to get it out faster.

How do you get your Crown Victoria to go faster?

Nitrous, intake, exhaust etc. Chip or tuning also

How do you make the 400ex faster?

make a 400ex faster put a intake, jets, cam, piston recomend a 416, and take some things off that are heavy

Where is the Cabin filter for sunfire?

A cabin air filter may be in the outside air intake, visible with the hood up and perhaps a cover lifted. Or it will be under the dash in one or both of two general locations: â?¢ Above the blower in the back section of the outside air intake, a location well protected from moisture. â?¢ Between the blower and the rest of the HVAC case.

Why is the air conditioner and heater blower not working in my 1996 Eddie Bauer Ford Explorer?

I just changed my blower for about $45.00 and a hour of my time. You will have to loosen the reservoir remove cruise control unit and loosen the air intake to get fan out to change. It was not hard.