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Will an enema cause you to go into labor?


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Yes, my girlfriend and i induced labor by giving her an aenema. She also took some sort of a oil, played with her nipples and we had sex. Probably a bit of overkill but the end result was a baby being born and very painfull labor.


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sex can cause u to go in labor sex can cause u to go in labor

Enema is usually given during labor to prepare for the delivery of the fetus.

Yes it can make u go into labor

No. Enemas can cause premature labor. Only use an enema during pregnancy at the direction of your care giver. Be particularly cautious if you have a personal or family history preterm labor.

Do not use a milk and molasses enema on anyone. They are very painful and cause terrible cramping, and they are hard to mix and instill. If an enema is needed, an over-the-counter fleets enema is fine.

You can have an enema during labor but not on active labor meaning not after 5 cm dilated.

From what I've been reading, no. There is no evidence to support that. I heard a warm water enema is safe. Chamomile tea enema as well. Just not too frequently.

yes it is a common problem

Barium enema, and Fleet enema

Yes, which is the cause basically for premature babies.

The god Thoth, according to Egyptian mythology, invented the enema.

You should consult your doctor about when and how often you can do an enema, especially if you have known health conditions. However, it is not uncommon to need a second application the next day.

If the mother does not go into labor, the doctor will bring on (induce) labor in order to prevent the risk of hemorrhage. Labor is usually induced by giving the mother a drug (oxytocin) that cause the uterus to contract.

When labor is told they get a rise

what is the cpt code for a gastrograffin enema

No, coffee enema is an unproven and dangerous procedure. It may cause various complications like sepsis, infections, electrolyte imbalance, rectal peroration, hyponatremia, dehydration and-in some cases- heart failure.

Preterm labor - cause unknown.

Enema of the State was created on 1999-06-01.

Give the oil rentention enema first. Most oil retention enemas are held for at least 30 minutes to soften the stool. Give the cleansing enema after the retention enema has been held for the required amount of time. Most people will have a bowel movement within a few minutes after being given a cleansing enema.

The plural forms for the noun enema are enemas or enemata, both are accepted.

Yes, the fever could cause some contractions but it is very unlikely that it will cause you to go into labor. You should call your physician if you have a fever and are pregnant.?æ

Nothing you do will make you go into labor until your body is ready to go into labor

barium enema with or without kub CPT: 74270

You may want to go to the docter and get a vaginal enema. It is a simple process and not very expensive.

you make you go into labor by taking you stuff sometimes

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