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Ice Cube would float higher in Mercury.

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Will an ice cube float higher in water or mercury?

An ice cube would float in any type of liquid. It would float higher in mercury than water because mercury is denser.

Will a chunk of ice float higher than an ice cube?

A chunk of ice will float higher in water than an ice cube only if the ice chunk is larger than the ice cube.

Will an ice cube float higher in water or an alcoholic beverage?

The ice cube will float higher in water, because alcoholic beverages have a lower viscosity, or internal resistance. This decreases the "thickness" of the liquid and causes less buoyancy.

Does a sugar cube float?

No, the sugar cubes density is higher than the buoyancy of the water.

Why does an ice cube not float?

Ice cubes do float on water.

Do ice cubes float higher in cold or warm water?

They would float the same unless one is different sized than the other; although the ice would melt in warm water; therefore getting smaller. Another answer: The more dense the liquid, the higher the ice(solid) will float. Cold water is more dense than warm water, so the cube will float higher in colder water than warm.

An ice cube floats in top water if it is put in the sea water will it float or lower in the water?

The ice cube will float higher in sea water than it will in pure water (more of it will be above the water level). This is because the salt in sea water makes it more dense than pure water, meaning that less water must be displaced to account for the mass of the ice.

Why doesn't an ice cube float?

Pure water ice cubes always float. They float because the molecules of water rearrange into a crystalline shape when they freeze. That arrangement leaves more empty space between the molecules of water which reduces the density of the water in ice form. Lower density objects float on higher density liquids.

Why does only light things float in salt water?

Whether things float or sink this depend only on the density , the density of the salt water is aprox. 1030 kilogram per meter cube so if you but things have density less than that they will float , things with higher density sink.

Would ice float higher in water or corn syrup?

Firstly there is no such thing as floating higher; something either floats or it doesn't. Buoyancy (pronounced boy-an-see) on the other hand, describes the ability or tendency of an object to float in a liquid. Objects float in a liquid when they are less dense than the liquid. For example an ice cube will float in both water and corn syrup because it is less dense than both. The ice cube will have greater buoyancy in corn syrup because corn syrup is more dense than water.

How an ice cube melts in water?

Water has a higher temperature.

In which liquids will an ice cube float?

in water or anything which is denser than ice

Why doesn't a sugar cube float in water?

Its density is greater than its buoyancy.

Does an ice cube in water float or sink?

It floats. Try it and you'll see

Do salty ice cubes float in water?

I think that salty ice cube do float in water because ice bergs float it water and they're made of salty water. i think i depends on the density (Amount of salt) in the ice

How can an ice cube float in a glass of water?

The density of ice is less than water, thus it floats.

Why an ice cube float in water?

ice cube floats in water because it is dense and heavy if u compare water to alcohol then an ice cube will sink in the alcohol because alcohol is less dense which means its light.

Is a ice cube less dense than liquid water?

Yes. That's why ice cubes float in water.

What would happen if you mixed water olive oil and an ice cube?

if you were to add water an ice cube an olive oil the water would be on the bottom and the oil would be on top and the ice cube wuld float inside of the olive oil.

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