Will an ultrasound scan date be accurate enough to determine who the father is if you have slept with 2 different men within a month?


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2004-06-04 20:01:08
2004-06-04 20:01:08

No. The only way to be absolutely certain of who the father is, is a paternity test. Most people still choose the standard blood test. DNA testing is 99.9% conclusive, but is more costly. Ultrasound only indicates the growth and health of the fetus. A calculated guess can be made on the "age" but definitely not the paternity.


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If the radiologist is competant enough, ultrasound can be 99% accurate.

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they normally wait until 20 weeks, so I don't know how accurate it would be at 17 weeks. I would suggest getting another scan at 25 weeks if you get one at 17 weeks

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