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Q: Will anyone allow you to pay them for lie detector test results?
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What are the procedures for administering a lie detector test?

There are many procedures for administering a good lie detector test. The biggest thing that needs to be done is to ask many questions to make sure the results are accurate.

Is a lie detector a polygraph test?

yes, a lie detector is a polygraph test. When you take the polygraph test, they use a lie detector to see if you are lying or not.

Can a lie detector determine if someone stolen something or had knowledge it was stolen?

Lie detector results are not admissible in the courts in the United States. On rare occasions, a defense attorney and/or a district attorney may conduct a lie detector test if there are doubts about a case.

Will a victim of a crime pass a lie detector test?

Victims of a crime are not customarily asked to undergo a polygraph test. But their chances of "passing" it are about as good as anyone else's.

Where can you do a cheap lie detector test?

There is not cheap way to do a reliable lie detector test. This kind of test is only given by professionals.

Can a lie detector test be used in court?

No. Not the sole results of the polygraph. However, they can be used by law enforcement as an investigative tool. The results that are produced by those interviews, if investigation substantiates them, ARE admissable.

Should you take a lie detector test for a drug charge?

If you are not guilty or you know how to beat a lie detector then yes.ADDED: (in the US) The results of such a test are NOT admissibile in court - however - the police CAN use them to assist in conducting their investigations.

If you know someone is lying but you want to prove it what do you do?

Tell them to get a lie detector test. Just the fact of mentioning that should allow the detector to get an accurate result. However people can trick themselves to actually believe they are telling the truth, depending on the event.

Are there any DNA tests that can be taken that would prove that you have not slept with somebody as the thought of lie detector tests makes you really nervous and a DNA test seems more concrete?

No. Not even slightly possible. Lie detector results are not proof either though. If your s/o is insisting on you taking a lie detector test to prove you're not sleeping around then take my advice and ditch the ho/a55hole ;-)

Can a lab tell if you use synthetic urine how long does it take to get results back i took a test on Thursday and today is Saturday anyone know when the results will be in?

you are screwed... its only a 1 day test

What is polygraphy?

A lie detector test

Where can you get a lie detector test?


How much for a home lie detector test?

Lie detector machines are not given out randomly and you need the permission of the person you want to do the lie detector test on which you are not likely to get. Lie detector tests are not 100% accurate and cannot always be used in a court of law.

Has anyone used the iPersonic career profile site?

i have. the test and summary is free, but you can pay to buy more detailed results. i think the test was great, but am unsure if i should have paid for more detailed results.

Would a pregnancy test set off a metal detector?


What if you pass a lie detector test?

then your not lying ...

Can someone with tourettes take a lie detector test?


Why do they not apply a lie detector test in the court of law?

Lie detector test is one of the due process investigation of the suspect. but this is not the basis of the case if the suspect is guilty of the charges.

What do you call a lie detector?

AHH a lie detector ANSWER by Engl1sh: A perfessional typically uses the term 'polygraph' test.

Can you test someone to see if they are telling the truth?

yes you can by taking a lie detector test

Should you break up with your boyfriend for asking you to take a lie detector test?

I would. A relationship is based on trust. It's obvious he doesn't trust your word on the issue. No. But ask him if the detector is full qualified or homologued. And he must test the detector. You have to ask him if he trust you.

How do you pass a lie detector test?

by telling the truth

Where can you take a lie detector test?

the police station.

Can you force an employee to take a lie detector test?


What is a halide leak detector test?

detect nytrogen