Will anything pass close to earth in 2030?

I am not aware of anything that is predicted to pass near the Earth in 2030.

The asteroid Apophis is predicted to make a very close approach to the Earth on April 13, 2029 (which is, by sheerest coincidence, Friday the 13th), coming within ab0out 15,000 miles of the Earth. This is actually closer to the Earth than most communications satellites! However, scientists are certain that it will not strike the Earth.

Seven years later, on April 13, 2036, the asteroid Apophis will again come close to the Earth; there is a VERY small chance that it will hit us on that pass.

However, there are many small objects that remain undetected in the solar system. Last week, in mid-November 2009, a 15-meter asteroid passed within a few thousand miles of the Earth. It was detected only 15 hours before its closest approach. A year ago, an asteroid about 20 meters in diameter was detected 18 hours before it impacted the Earth over east Africa. And last month, a small asteroid struck the atmosphere and exploded about 50 miles up.

The Earth is struck by thousands of meteoroids every hour of the day, totalling several TONS per day. Most vaporize without reaching the ground, becoming dust. A few survive the strike the ground, but only rarely do they cause any damage.