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I'm not exactly sure but you should NEVER die your hair while pregnant the harsh chemicals could harm the baby!IT CAN!My best friend dyed her hair several times while pregnant with her second child. The only reason she kept doing it was because every time she dyed it, the color didn't change. But once she had the baby, her hair started to show every color she put in it at once. It looked very pretty actually, lol.

I agree with the post above me. I tried to dye my hair and it didn't change color. That is common during pregnancy as is the dye changing the texture of your hair, even if it's never happened before. Also, there is absolutely no evidence of dying your hair being harmful to a fetus. It's a personal choice whether or not to dye it, but remember there's no evidence to support it being dangerous.

Hair Dye and PregnancyYes, it should come out the same. Being pregnant should have no affect on dying your hair. But it isn't recommended to dye your hair while pregnant. It is unknown what the chemicals used can do.

Here is more input and advice:

  • It is possible that the dye may not come out exactly as you think it should. Your hair may act differently because of the pregnancy hormones.
  • There never have been any side effects linked to dying your hair. The dye is not soaking into your scalp, and is not going into your blood stream.
  • Some docs think that it is best to wait after the first trimester to color your hair, but every doc is different. If you are concerned, just get some foil highlights or lowlights, that way, the color never touches your scalp! ;)
  • you shouldn't be dying your hair when you are pregnant though because of the harsh chemicals in the dye

I don't see the difference in dyin your hair whilst pregnant or not it ain't like you are going to drink the dye is it!

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Q: Will being pregnant affect the color results when you dye your hair?
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