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Will betta fish kill other fish?

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A betta can, and probably will, be aggressive to other fish and, yes, they can be so aggressive that they kill the other fish. If you do not have other fish with long fins or tails and fish about the same size your betta fish is less likely to attack.

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Will a male betta fish kill a female?

yes betta fish have to live alone or one will kill the other.

Is it bad to mix Betta Fish with other fish?

Yes, Betta Fish are extremely aggressive and they will most likely kill your other fish.

What Can kill a betta fish other than a betta fish?

Any bigger fish, more aggressive fish, no water

Will a female betta fish kill other female betta fish?

Np, but they will bite. Yes, they will fight to the death.

Can betta fish and goldfish live together?

Betta fish primarily cant live wioth other fish because the betta fish will kill the other fish. The only fish that a betta fish can live with is a non-colorful fish like tetras. Contact your petstore before you put another fish in with your betta fish.

How do betta fish have babies when the mom and dad would kill each other?

Betta fish of the opposite sex will not always kill each other. It is actually an uncommon occurrence.

Do betta eat other fish?

they dont eat other fish they just attack them to kill

How do you kill a betta fish?

why would you want to kill a betta D:

How do betta fish kill other fish?

A male Betta will only fight with another male betta. They will not fight with any other species of fish. They damage one another by colliding (head butting) and biting/ripping.

Will betta fish eat each other?

yes they will eat other fish Betta fish is the most meanest fish alive.. NEVER put other fish in with betta fish it just depends what kind of fish and Never put two females or two males together they will fight and that will kill eatch other

What should you know about having a betta fish?

that they r mean to other betta fish and 4 somthing that's mean a gold fish can kill it weird...

Can you put another fish in a betta fish tank?

Male betta Fish are the aggressive ones. Although it is nearly impossible to find out the difference between female and male betta Fish. If you put in another fish in a male bettaFish tank, the betta Fishwill most likely kill the other fish. Unless the fish is female.

Is it bad for a male betta fish to nibble on a girl betta?

Male Betta's are solitary. They cannot be placed with other fish. That's why they are known a Japanese fighting fish. They will kill other fish for territory.

Do girl Betta fish need boy Betta fish to live?

No, they can live alone or with other female bettas. They might bite each other but won't kill.

Can a girl betta share a aquarium with boy betta?

No, they are fighting fish. They will kill each other no matter what sex they are.

Will your male betta fish eat your other fish or bite it?

a male Betta will usually like the company of other fish but will fight or kill others of their kind also they might fight guppies cause they look similar to a female Betta.

Can two male betta fish live together?

no, they will kill each other

Will male betta fish kill female betta fish?

no it will kill another male for domanancy Yes, the male will most likely kill the female. This is not always true, though. When mating they will be vicous (in most cases) but not kill each other. Any other time it is not ideal to stick a male and female betta together. -Raz

Can you have two male betta fish in the same tank?

No, because they are fighting fish and one of them will kill the other.

Can you put a blow fish in the same tank as a betta fish?

no they will kill each other bettas are vicous

What preys on betta fish?

other Betta fish and the bigger fish.

Why does my female Betta fish chase the male Betta around?

The Betta fish want to kill eachother. That's what all Betta fish want to do, that's a natural thing.

Can 2 betta fish go in the same fish bowl?

No, you cannot put two Betta fish in the same bowl. They are dangerous to one another, and will attack each other and eventually will kill each other

What kind of fish do betta eat?

Betta fish do not eat other fish.

Can male betta fish and female betta fish be housed together?

The male will either mate with the female or kill her if she is not ready to mate. Male Betta splendens will not live peacefully with any other fish of the same species. So the answer is no.

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