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Yes. Blonde is the best to cover gray hair.

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How do you color your blonde hair gray?

Get some Grey Hair dye! WHY DO YOU WANT YOUR HAIR GREY?

What hair dye color covers gray hair?

"I find the best hair color to completely cover gray hair is L'Oreal

Can I dye my gray hair blonde with a temporary hair die and have my dark brown hair that's not gray yet stay as it is?

temporary haircolor will not effect dark hair, but at the same time gray hair is very resistant to haircoloring in general so it may not take the blonde. If what you want is to turn your gray hair into blonde to look like blonde highlights you would be best going to a hairstylist and tell them you want a weave to cover the gray

What color of hair did Christopher Columbus have?

He had white hair or gray At the age of 13 Christopher Columbus's hair turned from blonde to white.

Does hair color lighten before it turns gray?

yes e.g. if you have black hair it will turn brown , blonde and then grey

Does L'Oreal Preference cover gray hair?

Yes! The L'Oreal Preference hair color brand is designed to cover 100% gray hair. The Excellence Cream line is also advertised to achieve 100% gray coverage.

Is Sammy keyes hair blonde?

The girl on the cover has brown hair so i would imagine that would be her hair color..... not blonde. It has been said in a number of the books that she has brown hair.

What color was zeus' hair?

Gray or sometimes blonde, when he was younger, NOW HE'S OLD AS DIRT

Chi color cover gray with 40 vol?

No! I am a licensed cosmetologist, and no hair color will cover gray with 40 vol. you must use 20 vol only if you want 100% gray coverage. Period!!!!!!!!!!!

What is the sprouses hair color?

Blonde is their hair color.

Is blonde a real color?

blonde is not a real color but actually a hair color. people use the word blonde as a slang word for "yellow hair". Blonde is a true hair colour. I was born blonde & both my children were also born blonde.

What color of hair does christian beadles have?

he has blonde he looks like he has brown but his natural hair color is blonde when he was little and you can tell he has some blonde streaks in his hair

Is strawberry blonde a real hair color?

Yes, strawberry blonde is a real hair color, and it is beautiful.

What was aphrodites hair color?

Her hair color is Golden Blonde

Will blond hair dye cover pink hair dye?

No. A color that is lighter cannot "cover" a darker color. A blonde color can possibly lift some pink out of the hair, depending on the level of lift/strength of the peroxide. Your best bet is to color your hair a darker color to cover the pink, or go to a salon for color correction. Using a store-bought blonde over pink will most likely only cause damage and turn the hair either a lighter pink, or some really ugly color. I would not suggest it under any circumstances.

What is Bella Thorne's natural hair color?

Bella Thrones natural color hair is ginger,and ginger is very nice color.her natural hair color is blonde. yes blonde. there are photos of her blonde and Davis Cleveland said it.

What was Christina agulieras real hair color?

christina aguilera real hair color is medium blonde. Then dye her hair more blonde.

Does david desrosiers have blonde hair?

well actually blonde is his natural hair color

What hair color do British people have?

The color they're born with. British people have dirty blonde hair, blonde hair, ginger hair, brown hair, and sometimes black hair.

What is the most used hair color?

Blonde or bleach blonde.

What color hair does Cato have?

A blonde just blonde. Not a chick.

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