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Yes, the body panels on the 1st Generation S-10 pick-up truck should match between years. The main differences would be if the donor vehicle has a regular or extended cab, and also certain differences in trim pieces (ie: chrome trim on bumper, chrome grille vs. plastic grill). The drivetrain (2wd vs. 4wd) does not affect the body panels, the main differences between the two types are found in the frame modifications required to support the 4wd drivetrain, and the extra parts required for the additional drive axle at the front of the vehicle.

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Will 1989 Silverado body parts interchange with 1993 Cheyenne body parts?

A 1989 Chevrolet Silverado and a 1993 GMC Cheyenne are two totally different body styles. With that being said then no the body parts will not interchange

Will Chevy 1986 C10 body parts fit a 1986 Chevy s10?


What years of Chevy Celebrity match body parts of a 1989 4 door sadan?

Years of body parts that should match your 1989 4 door sedan: Front header 1987 through 1990. Hoods from all years. Front fenders 1986 through 1990. Front doors from all years. Rear doors from sedans only. Rear header panel from 1986 through 1989. Trunk lids from all sedans and coupes.

1989 Dodge truck and a 1984 will the body parts exchange?


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What parts??? Body, engine, suspension???

Will the body parts from a 1985 Scottsdale truck fit on a 1989 Cheyenne truck?


What years do parts swap for 1997 sidekick?

Body panels- 1989-2006, 1989-1998 geo/chevy tracker

Will 1986 Buick grand national body parts fit a 1986 Chevy Monte Carlo ls?

Although they share the same platform, they shared no body panels, so the answer is no.

Compatibility of a 1989 Ford Ranger xlt and a 1984 Ford Ranger sport?

a few body parts,absolutly no mechanical parts.

Are 1988 323 parts and 19 94 323 body parts interchangeable?

No, the body panels are not interchangable; Mazda redesigned the 323 in 1990.; 1986-1989 are similar, with detail differences in the tail-lights and headlights and grille. Try searchign under "Images" on Google by typing the year make and model or try for car facts. Cheers Malcolm

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The body was basically the same on the Ciera from 1989-1996, so any parts from one of those years should work

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Do a 1989 Chevy truck parts fit a 1994 Chevy truck?

1988 to 1991 most parts are interchangeable - body styles an other things changed after 1991

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1989-1994 frame struts 1989-1994 fenders, hood, doors, 1990-1994 all body parts and tranny 1991--best 5 speed 1992-1994 everything

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